As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, CircuitMeter would like to assure you that we intend to maintain on-line operations and support, to the greatest extent possible given the daily disruptions to everyone’s lives and business operations.

CircuitMeter’s normal business is provided virtually and through cloud-based services, and so, to a great extent, we are able to continue as normal. We have inventory to supply new hardware, and the supply chain and delivery service companies appear to be functioning at this point.

We would like to encourage everyone to maintain safe operations, and carry on working in solidarity as our various governments and societies work to meet the challenges as they arise.

Introducing a new frontier in energy management

CircuitMeter offers a breakthrough in energy efficiency with circuit level, real time submetering and energy analytics

  • Low cost per circuit
  • Instant, real-time data available on your browser
  • Integrated energy analytics software
  • Enable virtual energy audit – locate and correct operating “mistakes”
  • Create energy footprints for all equipment and optimize operational performance
  • Use email notifications to catch and address issues when they happen
  • Simple, easy to install hardware at disruptively low price
  • IT friendly
  • Big Data, high speed energy analytics software – a new standard in power for the energy analyst
  • Meter all your circuits, at all your facilities
  • Identify where you are wasting energy
  • Create real-time energy management strategies
  • Prevent “energy drift” continuously, and maintain peak performance
  • Provide regular, detailed feedback to staff – address behavioural issues
  • Avoid cost of period energy audits that only provide limited “snapshots”
  • All electrical data made available continuously, including power quality measures
  • Up to 600VAC, 6000A, and 1/2/3 phase – with simple, easy to install hardware
  • Proprietary software plus API for communications to third party systems
  • Identify unnecessary use, from control system errors to occupant issues
  • Detect inefficiencies, from low power factor to malfunctioning equipment
  • Identify the time and makeup of peak demand charges
  • Real time energy data available at individual system/equipment level
  • Exact time and of peak demand and make up of each component available
  • Visibility of detailed, peak makeup enables load shifting analysis at low cost
  • Able to monitor individual circuits at MCC, panel, or sub-panel
  • Up to 48 circuits metered with a single WebMeter
  • Internet or cellular connections provide real time link to cloud based servers
  • Avoid un-scheduled breakdowns with real time notice of increasing energy use
  • Use actual operating hours to design use-based maintenance programs
  • Benchmark equipment & justify replacement of poor performers
  • Monitor equipment wear and tear through energy consumption
  • Identify component failure through spikes in energy consumption
  • Use real time alerts to identify operating time threshold that signal maintenance requirements
  • Enterprise software meets the needs of clients with large portfolios
  • High speed CircuitMonitoring™ software loaded with easy to use energy analytics tools
  • Automatic conversion from energy consumption to carbon equivalent included