What is CircuitMeter?

CircuitMeter offers a complete solution for submetering and energy analytics, including metering and communications hardware, and cloud-based enterprise software. CircuitMeter is a privately held cleantech corporation serving the energy management industry.

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What are the components of the solution?

CircuitMeter’s enables submetering with two key components:

What advantage does CircuitMeter bring to my organization?

CircuitMeter offers the world’s most affordable and powerful energy monitoring solution. The product and service combination enables customers to visualize energy usage, identify unnecessary and inefficient usage, understand opportunities to manage energy, and act.

Is CircuitMeter’s solution easy to install?

Yes. The CircuitMeter solution is practical and easy with a minimal cost of installation compared to traditional solutions.

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How affordable is the initial investment and ongoing cost?

CircuitMeter’s solution is the most affordable in its class. Investment and ongoing costs run as little as 5 – 10 percent of traditional metering solutions – with the added benefit of taking action on your energy usage right down to the circuit level.

CircuitMeter can estimate your project costs quickly and easily using basic information about your facility.
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Can I buy your solution for use outside of North America?

Yes. CircuitMeter’s solution is currently approved for use in Canada, USA, and Europe with UL, CSA and CE certified marks.

Learn more. Contact CircuitMeter at +1 (888) 350-1790 x102.

How do I become a Value Added Reseller?

If you have a strong position in energy, facility, and/or equipment management, and relationships with energy users, please contact CircuitMeter at +1 (888) 350-1790 x102.


What is an energy profile?

An energy profile is CircuitMeter’s description of the historical energy use by a specific circuit breaker or combination of circuit breakers that connect to a specific piece of equipment. The energy profile is used for comparison to ensure efficient operation.

What is cloud managed energy control?

Energy use information captured from each WebMeter™ is sent to the CircuitMonitoring™ solution – hosted at remote and redundant, secured facilities. The resulting data is secure and available in the Internet-based cloud via web browser.

What is energy drift?

Building managers describe energy drift as the way in which a facility’s efficiency declines over time. These losses in efficiency can be as much as 20% over just two years. Causes of energy drift include:

  • Temperature and time overrides by occupants or operators
  • Improper control system programming
  • Seasonal changes that disrupt mechanical equipment operation
  • Failures of temperature sensors, relays, filters or controls
  • Malfunctioning of complex electrical, mechanical and HVAC components