Cookie-cutter solutions to business problems don’t work anymore. At BGIS, we’re strategic thinkers that help you see change as an opportunity. We stop at nothing less than producing real results for your business, because we only succeed when your business does. We think differently, we act differently and we’re prepared to tackle any challenge you can throw at us. We’re changing the way you look at your real-estate management partner. We are a Brookfield company.

Greenplanet Energy Analytics

Helping businesses and institutions take control of energy management, supported by data from continuous energy measurement. Serving Western Canada and the North, Greenplanet Energy Analytics offers a range of services including sustainable energy planning, continuous energy audit with CircuitMeter™, and consulting and project services for energy efficiency and clean energy supply.

Envari Energy Solutions

Envari partners with its customers bringing innovative solutions that deliver improved energy efficiencies, substantial cost savings and environmental benefits. As a trusted energy solutions partner, Envari offers flexible turn-key offerings which encompass design, engineering, procurement, commissioning and full project management. Their customers include municipalities, commercial and industrial institutions, governments and utilities.

Altanova, LLC

Altanova is a boutique consulting firm and energy management service provider based in New York City. We combine strategic, engineering and technological solutions to further the sustainable performance of clients’ assets, operations and reputation. Since 2006 we have served a mix of real estate, corporate clients and investors worldwide.

Daisy Energy Inc.

Daisy Energy Inc. is an Ontario-based provider of sustainable energy solutions for individuals, institutions, and businesses. Products and services include renewable energy systems, energy efficient lighting, and energy sub-metering. Since 2009 the team of professionals at Daisy Energy has been designing and installing renewable energy systems and LED lighting for homes, cottages, businesses and institutions and ensuring that clients get full advantage of available funding to maximize their ROI.

Qwantegy Inc.

Qwantegy is a New York based development firm with experience developing robust, scalable, high volume applications. The team has a successful history delivering solutions within healthcare, hospitality, retail, automotive and financial segments. Our team is dedicated to your solution and can work independently or be embedded within your existing teams. We incorporate agile methodologies to ensure timely deliverables keeping a close eye on project scope and budget at all times.

Nativus Energy Ltd.

Nativus Energy Ltd., based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, implements energy and asset management programs that make reducing energy consumption easier for business owners.

Rich Energy Solutions Inc.

Rich Energy Solutions (RES) energy efficiency programs have been validated to significantly reduce energy costs, provide property improvements and maximize utility company incentives, all of which can be of significant benefit to property owners and management. RES energy efficient mechanical and lighting upgrade projects provide our clients Internal Rates of Return of 30 to 40% or higher!

2RW Consultants, Inc.

2RW Consultants delivers comprehensive energy consulting services and integrated, innovative, and efficient MEP/FP systems. Our goal is to help building owners and managers reduce total cost of ownership; improve occupant comfort, safety, and health; and tread lightly on the planet.

Atash Energy, LLC

Atash Energy, LLC offers consulting services to help clients achieve financial and strategic benefits by providing cost-effective energy management solutions. With over 40 years of combined experience managing Smart Buildings, New Jersey based Atash Energy Consultants are adept at applying communication and IoT technology to effectively control and optimize all elements within a building to use energy more efficiently.

more efficiently.

ReGen Electric

ReGen Electric is a renewable energy project development company, that has designed, built, and managed large commercial projects for clients who are investing into renewable energy. Our mission is to partner long term and provide a quality and trusted experience by metering, monitoring, developing, building, and maintaining renewable energy projects with honesty and integrity as you navigate your company’s renewable energy goals. We serve our clients by offering a more complete view of your company’s energy usage and the best solutions to meet those goals.

Oorjaa Service Inc.

Oorjaa is a team of passionate energy, operations and analytics professionals working with clients who are heavy users of energy in all its forms – electrical, thermal or mechanical – to deliver insights that make them better users of energy. Oorjaa’s single mission is to deliver sustainable energy solutions and services to energy intensive clients in India.

Arcadian Projects Inc.

We are a leading energy solutions provider; knowledgeable and responsive to our customers’ needs. We provide tailored energy solutions with long-term service and technical support, helping our customers achieve both financial and sustainability goals. Serving the Ontario market, our projects are completed by our in-house certified trades, project management and design teams.

Solera Sustainable Energies Company Limited

Established over 30 years, with operations in Canada and the Caribbean, Solera focuses on the design and implementation of renewable and energy management systems. Core to their approach has been the ongoing examination, and adoption of leading global technologies and techniques, in pursuit of a clean energy and conservation-driven future.

The SmartEnergy Company

The SmartEnergy Company™ is a New Brunswick based sustainable energy developer helping with the transition to a clean energy future for businesses and organizations. Our experience has come by partnering with other leaders who align with our passion to continuously learn, share, explore and develop projects that make a difference in our communities.

OZZ Electric Inc.

Through green energy solutions and innovation, OZZ Electric develops customized energy management solutions that empower optimum performance providing full service expertise in the multi-residential, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sectors. OZZ Electric’s proficiency in large-scale projects, high profile design build work, retrofit applications and green energy solutions, makes them an industry leader.


Fund Efficiency Upgrades with No Upfront Capital

Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy

When considering energy efficiency projects, successfully choosing the right efficiency provider to help identify and develop solutions to meet your goals can be challenging, and is only part of the process — you also need to consider how to pay for these upgrades that provide long term benefits. That’s why Constellation created Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) — a solution that can play an integral role in achieving your strategic financial and environmental goals.

This unique, award-winning solution provides an opportunity to pay for these conservation measures with no upfront capital through monthly charges that appear as a single, fixed-price line item as part of your monthly competitive power or gas supply bill from Constellation. You can realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption and an improved load profile, which will positively impact future energy costs and the ability to meet environmental goals over time.

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