Algo Electric Inc.

Algo Electric – expanding our Technical Services to include energy auditing services and real time, circuit level electrical monitoring technology supplied by CircuitMeter. Let us help you identify and reduce energy waste, improve operations and be more efficient. With over 150 years of combined in-house experience, Algo Electric has the tools and expertise to help you with your project.

Atash Energy, LLC

Atash Energy, LLC offers energy industry consulting services to help clients achieve financial and strategic benefits by providing cost-effective energy management solutions. Atash Energy Consultants have over 40 years of combined experience addressing the unique challenges and concerns of a wide variety of organizations. With deep experience managing Smart Buildings, Atash Energy Consultants are adept at applying communication technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to effectively control and optimize all elements within a building to use energy more efficiently.

Aztech Associates Inc.

Kingston, Ontario based Aztech Associates is an engineering firm specializing energy monitoring solutions for business, commercial, industrial and utility customers.

Blackstone Energy Services Inc.

Blackstone Energy Services helps clients save, sustain and thrive by developing custom energy management solutions for efficiency improvement, renewable generation and carbon offsetting. Blackstone leverages its cross-sector expertise to deliver full-service, complete energy management, navigating clients through an increasingly complex and costly energy landscape.

Daisy Energy Inc.

Daisy Energy Inc. is an Ontario-based provider of sustainable energy solutions for individuals, institutions, and businesses. Products and services include renewable energy systems, energy efficient lighting, and energy sub-metering. Since 2009 the team of professionals at Daisy Energy has been designing and installing renewable energy systems and LED lighting for homes, cottages, businesses and institutions and ensuring that clients get full advantage of available funding to maximize their ROI.

Energise Ltd.

We are an energy efficiency & carbon compliance service provider, specialising in energy management & carbon schemes (including in the UK, CRC, ESOS & ISO50001). We work with an international client base with day to day projects covering a dozen countries. Our typical clients range from a small business to multinational companies in a variety of industries from restaurants to manufacturing to large transport fleets.

Energy ISA, LLC

Providing IT solutions and consulting related to energy management and efficiency technologies; encompassing metering communication technologies, controls, data management and analytics. Energy ISA, LLC provides solutions that can start small and expand into the enterprise solution that best fits an organization’s energy and sustainability management needs.


Energy Services Inc.

Energy Services Inc. is a New York based energy information management company providing advanced enterprise level technology solutions that enable clients to meet their sustainability goals; including real time energy monitoring and circuit level energy analytics.

Greenplanet Energy Analytics

Helping businesses and institutions take control of energy management, supported by data from continuous energy measurement. Serving Western Canada and the North, Greenplanet Energy Analytics offers a range of services including sustainable energy planning, continuous energy audit with CircuitMeter™, and consulting and project services for energy efficiency and clean energy supply.

Kontrol Energy Corp.

Kontrol Energy Corp. provides IoT (Internet of Things) enabled energy efficiency and power generation solutions designed to immediately lower energy consumption and reduce peak charges, reduce overall operating costs and increase property value for our customers while providing actionable IRR’s (Internal Rate of Returns) and reductions in GHG’s.


Edmonton based Lumican provides energy management systems and end-to-end LED lighting retrofit solutions for commercial and municipal buildings and projects.


Nativus Energy Ltd.

Nativus Energy Ltd., based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, implements energy and asset management programs that make reducing energy consumption easier for business owners.

T-innovation Partners

A Canadian based company helping businesses reduce costs by adapting proven innovative technologies that lead to a reduction of overhead and improve operational efficiency.