Put the best-in-market solution to work for your organization.

  • Lower cost. A cost structure that’s a fraction of existing metering systems — deployed throughout your facility right down to the circuit level.
  • Instant, granular data. Updated real time data is available in the Cloud every two seconds.
  • Breakthrough technology. Hardware and software deliver significant operational, energy conservation and demand management savings for commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.

Gain complete insight into your energy.

  • Complete electrical metering across your portfolio, at the circuit level, enabling Forensic Energy Management™
  • Access to data anywhere and everywhere. Information is delivered through the Cloud for remote energy monitoring.
  • The ability to act. Data is contextualized through CircuitMeter’s software.
  • Historical and real-time data from all electrical equipment available to engineers, analysts, accounting, and management. CircuitMeter software makes it easy to manage data and develop insight into energy use.

Reduce costs with access to real time circuit-level data.

  • Continuous energy audit. Granular data is contextualized with software provides to minimize energy waste, reduce peak demand, and improve operational and equipment efficiency.
  • Major cost savings with conservation and demand programs. Reduce or eliminate equipment operation when you don’t need it. Identify equipment that can be replaced with newer, more efficient technology. Understand where and when peak demand charges are happening – and act to reduce those costs.
  • The ability to maintain with precision. CircuitMeter makes it possible to benchmark equipment. When energy consumption rises due to malfunction or deterioration, real time notifications to management are issued — providing the ability to instantly address energy drift and high energy consumption.