CircuitMeter means:

  • Lower cost. A cost structure that’s a fraction of existing metering systems — deployed throughout your facility right down to the circuit level.
  • Instant, granular data. Updated real time data is available in the Cloud every two seconds.
  • Breakthrough technology. Hardware and software deliver significant operational, conservation and demand management savings in commercial, industrial, institutional, and high density residential markets.

CircuitMeter’s patent pending technology was designed to be deployed at the circuit level, where energy consumption occurs, measuring all electrical parameters in real time. With this level of granular data, energy analysts finally have the detailed information needed to identify where energy waste occurs – and with this insight, implement solutions to improve energy efficiency in ways that were never before economically feasible.

CircuitMeter accomplishes this breakthrough with an integrated design that was specifically conceived to attack the energy wasted in modern building and industrial facilities, and significantly improve energy efficiency. This design includes three key breaks from past metering technology design:

  • Low cost per circuit – The metering hardware uses modern data and telecommunication hardware designs that convert amp and volt measurements to digital data. The multi-circuit WebMeter™ that accepts this data stream can be manufactured at a dramatically lower cost per circuit than traditional meters, which is a critical advantage if the system is to be economically attractive and deployable.
  • Real time communication – The WebMeter™ includes live data processing and communication technology that converts the incoming data for all circuits in parallel, and sends a full data package of power and related electrical parameters to the internet, every two seconds, producing real time data for each circuit.
  • High powered data analytics – The final key to the CircuitMeter technology is its proprietary cloud-based CircuitMonitoring™ software. With an unlimited number of meters per facility, and an unlimited number of facilities per client, a powerful, enterprise level analytics capability is available to turn this vast quantity of data into valuable information that yields insight and enables energy management functions.

CircuitMeter technology represents a new frontier in energy management, and new possibilities for energy efficiency. It meters at the operational level where energy consumption occurs, and puts the information onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone, where you can use it.

Breakthrough technology stands alone in the industry – Real time, Circuit level metering & Software that is Affordable.