CircuitMeter makes it easy to see, understand and manage energy use:

  • Complete electrical metering across your portfolio, at the circuit level, enabling Forensic Energy Management™
  • Access to data anywhere and everywhere. Information is delivered through the Cloud for remote energy monitoring.
  • The ability to act. Data is contextualized through CircuitMeter’s software.

CircuitMeter makes your data accessible, understandable and actionable. Its CircuitMonitoring™ enterprise software scales automatically to bring an entire portfolio into one system without custom programming. The cloud based architecture means that data is always available through your preferred device via web browser. Information is consolidated in a comprehensive database, and available through a graphic user interface that is simple to use, but powerful in its scope, speed, and ability to bring a broad range of graphic and analytical techniques to specialist energy analysts, personnel, maintenance staff, and management.

With circuit level energy consumption data available for any time period, energy analysts can “see” where and when energy is used in their facilities, and quantify the energy consumption in absolute and relative terms. Systems, equipment, and areas that are consuming the most energy during every period of the weekday, or weekend, can be isolated. Comparisons with different time periods through a trend analysis can identify problems or confirm and quantify improvements, in real time. Weekly feedback to operations people, and those who occupy a specific space and contribute to the energy consumption or energy controls can be put in place and made a part of regular feedback and management procedures.

Systems that contribute to daily and weekly demand peaks can be specifically broken down and their relative energy use quantified and compared. Once the major contributors to demand peaks are fully understood and measured, the opportunity to create peak smoothing programs and operational changes becomes feasible.

The bottom line with circuit level metering in real time, is that facility engineers and management gain a detailed understanding of their energy use, the components, the processes, and the operational programming that lead to the existing state of energy use.

When your energy use becomes visible,
it becomes manageable.