CircuitMeter brings a broad range of cost saving solutions to the table:

  • Continuous energy audit. Granular data is contextualized with software that brings insight into your energy use — minimize energy waste, reduce peak demand, and improve operational and equipment efficiency.
  • Major cost savings with conservation and demand programs. Reduce or eliminate equipment operation when you don’t need it. Identify equipment that can be replaced with newer, more efficient technology. Understand where and when peak demand charges are happening — and act to reduce those costs.
  • The ability to maintain with precision. CircuitMeter makes it possible to benchmark equipment. When energy consumption rises due to malfunction or deterioration, real time notifications to management are issued — providing the ability to instantly address energy drift and high energy consumption.

With circuit level, real time energy data available at an affordable cost, it is now feasible to deploy circuit level submetering as an investment that will generate an attractive Return on Investment. The energy savings generated can come from a number of different areas, and keep coming for year after year. With CircuitMeter, a facility or portfolio has an embedded “Continuous Energy Audit” that can tell you when unnecessary or inefficient energy consumption occurs, and where it is occurring.

This granular energy data will enable Forensic Energy Management™, a new philosophy in which each piece of equipment, in each time period, can be analyzed line by line in terms of its electrical usage data. With this level of data available for post analysis, the full range of industrial engineering analytic techniques and processes become applicable in terms of energy consumption, including broadly practiced techniques such as lean engineering, six sigma, and the emerging adoption of ISO50001.

Granular energy data also promises to add value through more detailed and sophisticated operations and maintenance procedures. With real time current draw and energy consumption data sampled at close to 3,000 Hz, for three phases, the benchmarking and notification features have a wide range of potential uses.

With CircuitMeter, the broad applications of these types of practice can be contemplated across the full range of industrial and commercial facilities.

Granular, circuit level data at low cost will generate a continuous stream of operating cost savings.