“Our first pilot installation resulted in the clarity needed by a corporate client to see a current facility’s energy waste. The “A HA” has led to the client’s commitment to deploy the analytics over their entire asset portfolio.”

— Paul Amsler, Nativus Energy Ltd

“CircuitMeter gave Bullfrog the tools to find out where we were using the most energy. Our Sustainability Committee then provided staff with recommendations on ways to reduce consumption… we all learned new, innovative ways to save energy.”

— John Wilson, VP Operations, Bullfrog

“The ease of installation of CircuitMeter’s submetering system is unparalleled in the industry. The equipment was packaged and labelled for easy identification for our electricians. Using the diagrams and online support, the wiring was simple and straightforward. The first installation went faster than anticipated.”

— Gavin Peel, President of Operations at Deebar Electrical Inc.

“The CircuitMeter team was extremely helpful during our sub-metering pilot program. They were prompt with all support requests, and there to guide my team through their first installation. We are now expanding with this solution, to our base and new clients alike.”

— Carla Walker-Miller, CEO, Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC