Alberta to adopt more energy efficiency measures

Kick-starting Energy Efficiency In Alberta — Best practices in the use of energy efficiency as a resource

This report, prepared by Julia-Maria Becker, Senior Analyst, and Sara Hastings-Simon, Program Director – Clean Economy, at the Pembina Institute, outlines best practices and provides recommendations for the use of energy efficiency as a resource. Although the publication was released as a working document to kick-start the Province of Alberta to adopt more energy efficiency measures, the best practices and recommendations outlined in the document can be a valuable resource for any jurisdiction.

This report strongly promotes energy efficiency as one of the lowest cost energy resources and the cheapest option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). It goes further and touts energy efficiency as an engine for growth in the economy.

The document outlines the benefits of advancements in energy efficiency on a global stage as well as outlining some of the barriers to deployment of energy efficiency mandates. Based on these global lessons learned, the report outlines how the province of Alberta can kick-start the use of energy efficiency as one of its greatest resources.

The document starts with a global overview of energy efficiency, and then provides an outline of the energy efficiency landscape in Alberta. It outlines best practices and recommendations for its integration into the utility system, and recommended first steps to integration in the Province.

The best practices section of the report emphasizes the use of data being the key to not only identify opportunities but also to measure program success. “With the rise of internet-based communication and the capability to store and manipulate large data sets, the use of data in energy efficiency is increasing.”

In the concluding remarks of this document, the authors state, “To reach the full potential of energy efficiency in Alberta, it is essential to understand the value of energy efficiency, realize the related opportunities, and aim for long-term sustainable development of this resource”. This report can serve as a guide to kick start efficiency in any jurisdiction. View and download the PDF with this link.

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