Carbon Accounting Capabilities for Green Compliance

Not only is carbon reporting a requirement under various carbon reduction policies, but it also makes good business sense.

With quickly changing climate policy, carbon reporting is required in multiple jurisdictions under various carbon reduction regimes including Cap and Trade system and Carbon Tax. With CircuitMeter energy analytics, kilowatt-hours are automatically converted to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) carbon equivalent data for each jurisdiction. The conversion is as simple as pushing a button. The carbon equivalent data is made available to the analyst, supporting clarity and better decision making.

Not only is carbon reporting a requirement under various carbon reduction policies, but it also makes good business sense. The whole idea behind carbon accounting is to help organizations measure, understand and manage how much carbon they are emitting into the atmosphere. This not only encourages enterprises to reduce and/or offset these greenhouse gas emissions but it also leads to increased energy efficiency and a reduction in energy costs.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Greenhouse Gas Inventory plays an important role for any organization in understanding how they fit into a circular economy. This inventory is an offshoot from what’s been termed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) developed by the World Resources Institute in conjunction with the World Business Council on Sustainable Development. The GHG Protocol is the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

This is relevant for any organization because the concept that was derived from the protocol has set a global standard for the ways to measure carbon emissions and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Emissions

CircuitMeter understands that carbon emissions data needs to be available in a simplified format which clearly communicates quantified GHG data. Trying to generate these numbers at an organizational level can be cumbersome and tie up valuable resources – CircuitMeter helps make this process easy and time efficient.

CircuitMonitoring takes care of the carbon accounting function. The real time energy management software converts kilowatt hours to GGH carbon equivalent data, and makes these real time and historic calculations easily available to multiple decision makers, saving valuable time and money.

CircuitMonitoring’s real time submetering and energy analytics capabilities represent a new level of industry leadership. Making energy visible and carbon emissions transparent are two of the promises that CircuitMeter can make with its industry leading energy management system.