Energy Dashboard for Business

CircuitMeter technology delivers scalable energy analytics that can meet the needs of large organizations

CircuitMeter’s Energy Analytics Software, CircuitMonitoring™, leverages Big Data to analyze and present energy usage on its dashboard in real time. Details matter. This is the level of energy information granularity that is required to really identify what is happening in terms of system use, and misuse. CircuitMonitoring™ energy analytics goes well beyond the current technologies in-market. It doesn’t just gather and report on an organization’s energy usage throughout its portfolio of buildings and facilities, it categorizes all energy use data by equipment, area, building, state/province, and date and time of day. With CircuitMonitoring, the user can identify energy waste as it happens, and maintain optimum energy efficiency through timely and informed energy management decisions.

CircuitMeter technology delivers scalable energy analytics that can meet the needs of large organizations with multiple facilities, a capability that modern business is increasingly demanding in order to keep their rising energy costs in line. Working with CircuitMeter provides its users with a new standard in energy dashboard capabilities; CircuitMonitoring™ energy analytics software provides easily individualized reports for each and every aspect of an enterprise, with access to both real time data and the complete historical database from installation of the system.


Analytical tools

CircuitMeter’s extensive complement of analytical tools provides a vast array of information that is relevant to enterprise team members including analysts, engineers, accountants, and managers, right up to the executive suite. The CircuitMonitoring platform provides the real-time data needed to identify events as they occur, so that maintenance or corrective actions can be taken right away, eliminating a wasteful condition that could go on indefinitely if not detected. The system has the ability to accept input or calculated energy benchmarks, allowing for real time alerts when a parameter is exceeded or a specific condition triggered. Examples include a need for maintenance or replacement of a specific piece of equipment when it wears or breaks and energy use increases, saving both the costs of the high energy use and potentially lost production.

CircuitMonitoring™ reports against 12-separate parameters: Amps; Amps Max; Real Power; Reactive Power; Apparent Power; Energy Consumption; Power Factor; Volts, Minutes On; Hours On; Impedance; and Outside Temperature. The CircuitMonitoring™ dashboard allows energy analysts and operations and maintenance personnel to access a vast array of graphic tools and virtually walk through a facility’s complete equipment infrastructure. Energy use on a monthly, weekly, daily and minute by minute basis is available in multiple formats for review.

With this high granular energy data, and a powerful and versatile energy dashboard, energy use becomes visible – and, it becomes manageable. CircuitMeter’s energy dashboard system incorporates multiple different screen options allowing the user to visualize the operations and gain insight that to wasted energy and high costs, which makes possible continuous energy audit strategy and an improved bottom line. Some of the features available include:

  • Voltage Fluctuations. Find the anomalies that point to weak spots in utility performance and other issues.
  • Enterprise Summary. All sites in a portfolio can be quickly viewed in a single screen to allow for selection of building summary information and access to facility details.
  • Phase Breakdown Analysis. Finding specific equipment issues is made easier when usage can be viewed at the individual phase level.
  • Cooling Degree Days. A consolidated dashboard with full temperature details is available on a monthly basis. This useful dashboard enables the correlation of HVAC equipment and AC power with outdoor temperatures.

Facilitating both asset management and precision maintenance is made possible with CircuitMonitoring™. Providing run-time data at the machine level in combination with a measured energy footprint history and trend line allows users to identify optimized timing for maintenance, and eliminate inefficient or malfunctioning equipment.

Information can be easily shared across all levels of management and this data can also be pulled into third party dashboards, BAS systems, and custom control modules through CircuitMeter’s API.

CircuitMeter analytics are scalable from a single system, to any number of circuits in a single facility, to major multi-location portfolios in multiple time zones. The enterprise level energy dashboard system can save a great deal of cost as system interface and multi-site data consolidation is avoided.