New York City’s Building Emission Law – Local Law 97

Will your building be compliant for LL97?

NYCs Local Law 97

Here’s what you need to know

  • Applies to all buildings in NYC greater than 25000 square feet; applicable for approximately 60% residential and 40% commercial buildings
  • Penalties for non-compliance; maximum penalty is calculated based on the difference between a building’s annual emissions limit and its actual emissions multiplied by $268
  • A building’s annual emissions limit equals its emissions intensity limit multiplied by its gross floor area
  • Many buildings are significantly above emissions limits and will require comprehensive retrofits or potentially face millions of dollars in penalties
  • There are two increasingly stringent phases of limits; first phase takes effect in 2024 and the second occurring in 2030
  • Emissions intensity limits (metric tons of CO2e per square foot) are set based on 10 building categories defined by Building Code occupancy groups
  • Renewable energy credits and/or emissions offsets can be used to comply with the caps

Here’s what you need to do
In a nutshell, you need to measure, analyze and reduce your emissions to prepare for compliance. Here are some easy and cost-effective steps you can take, now, to be ready for LL97:

For full details pertaining to LL97 visit Local Laws of the City of New York for the Year 2019, LL97.