Advanced sub-metering digs deep

Now economical to deploy sub-metering at the circuit level revealing deeper savings

Energy efficiency gains made possible with advanced circuit level submetering and real time energy analytics for the entire built envelope.

In the latest article appearing in the REMI Network’s Canadian Facility Management and Design issue, B. Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter, analyzes the value of deploying circuit level submetering as a key component in an effective energy management strategy.

Advanced sub-meters can be used by facility managers as an energy data-gathering tool for all electrical systems within a facility. This energy data is gathered and analyzed in real time allowing for greater visibility of the entire energy profile of a facility right down to the individual piece of equipment or circuit. With this real time circuit level information easily accessible through a software platform, facility owners and managers can make informed data-based decisions to boost operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and determine requirements for additional capital investments.

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