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Pembina taps CircuitMeter for submetering and energy analytics

The Pembina Institute is upping the energy monitoring and analytics at head office in Calgary. The clean energy think tank chose real-time, circuit level metering technology from CircuitMeter for the job.

“We are of the view that our sophisticated energy submetering technology and big data analytics are on the leading edge of clean energy advancements globally. Acknowledgment from one of the foremost clean energy advocacy organizations in North America will help us build market recognition of ‘behind the meter’ energy management as a growing area of opportunity in industrial and commercial markets,” said Paul Mertes, president and CEO at CircuitMeter.

The hope is that this will encourage other companies to consider opportunities to reduce costs and energy usage, as well as their greenhouse gas footprint, he added.

The decision to install the CircuitMeter technology is part of Pembina’s mandate to promote energy efficiency and the low carbon economy, notedstated Ed Whittingham, executive director at the Institute.

“In our report on clean energy in Canada that we released a couple of years ago, we summarized discussions the Pembina Institute had with business executives, entrepreneurs, investors and academics about what Canada needs to do to compete in the global race for clean energy and how Canada could better tap into this sector’s potential,” he said.

The Competing in Clean Energy report can be accessed here.

Simple Solar, a Calgary-based company and a CircuitMeter channel partner, installed CircuitMeter’s technology at Pembina’s head office. Simple Solar develops patented solar energy systems and supports solar energy research, energy monitoring and analysis, low-energy building development and energy/ environment training programs. Read the original article at Canadian GreenTech.