What is the missing value in an energy audit?

It is estimated by the US Department of Energy that 30% of energy used is wasted in commercial buildings.


The answer lies in the use of real time granular energy data to perform continuous energy audits.

In most commercial buildings, electrical data is measured at a single point—the point at which the electrical power enters the building. Compounding the fact that this is a single point of data, many times this data is only available from the utility, or only available at the point of billing. So, if an energy manager wants to have a real sense of how buildings are performing they have very little to go on. As the adage goes, “You can’t control what you can’t measure.”

In the world of smart buildings, electrical metering technology is finally catching up to the curve. Advanced submetering and real-time energy analytics can record the energy signatures for performance, runtime, and operation cycle. With these benchmarks, advanced systems can detect variances on every piece of equipment and notify maintenance before a failure occurs. Using the system analytics, a facility is performing a continuous energy audit.

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Kelly Reiser, VP Sales, North America, CircuitMeter Inc. has over 25 years’ experience in the controls industry working with cutting edge technologies focused on optimizing efficiency in commercial and industrial applications. CircuitMeter Inc., a privately held Canadian firm, has developed ground-breaking electrical energy submetering hardware, integrated with Big Data and cloud based CircuitMonitoring™ enterprise software. The advanced energy analytics represents a major step forward in comparison with current practice and is designed to analyze real time, circuit level energy usage for large organizations and portfolio managers. Kelly can be contacted here.