IoT and Forensic Energy

The application types are endless as are the ways this technology can be deployed.

May/June 2016 — Content from: Connections Plus, Author: Paul Welch

Paul Mertes does not consider the innovative system his company has crafted to be pure Internet of Things – but he does recognize that it is at least a philosophical match, and a sterling example of the potential power of IoT.

Mertes is president and chief executive officer of CircuitMeter, a company that has been selected by Cisco as its submetering partner for its new Toronto Innovation Centre. The submeter, following the techno-wide-net philosophy of IoT, will draw on myriad information portals to be able to tell clients where each fraction of energy entering their industrial, commercial and institutional buildings is going — and, more importantly, if any is being wasted, and where. View the full pdf story or view the May/June 2016 Connections Plus’ online digital issue.