Smart meters are dumb. This Saultite plans to change that.

Those so-called ‘smart’ meters the PUC installed in your place?

Paul Mertes says they’re actually rather dumb.

At least, they’re dumb and expensive as compared to the groundbreaking electrical metering technology being developed by Mertes’ company, CircuitMeter Inc. of Ajax, Ontario.

Mertes is CircuitMeter’s chief executive officer.

These days, he’s swinging deals across North America, Europe and Asia, with big players like Walmart, Pepsi, Tridel, Dalkia and Tesco.

And he’s now turning his eye back to his hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, pitching city hall, the PUC, local industries, the hospital and educational institutions to become early adopters of his company’s energy-saving web meters. Read the whole article on the SooToday website or view the PDF