Using Big Data to Optimize Resources and Eliminate Waste

The ultimate goal: an optimized network that is continuously monitored

“Continuous analysis of energy data can help organizations immediately detect problems that surface, or quickly assess the implications of changes in their energy use.”

CircuitMeter President & CEO, Paul Mertes, was recently interviewed for an article published in the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) entitled “Optimize Resources with Big Data”. In this article, Mr. Mertes outlines the use of big data to improve an organization’s energy efficiency. Mertes points out that big data can be used to identify energy waste, either as unnecessary or inefficient use of energy. Through the continuous analysis of energy data, organizations can detect problems that surface in real time.

Big Data and the emerging Internet of Things can be useful tools to drive energy efficiency as part of the ethos of any organization. Real time energy monitoring can help organizations quickly assess the implications of changes in their behaviour leading to the more efficient use of resources – which is fundamental to sustainability.

This article is part of the New Business Technologies for Sustainability Series, in which the NBS offers insight and guidance to companies transitioning to big data and analytics technologies and aligning sustainability initiatives with this transition.

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