CircuitMeter Inc. has just been endorsed by Bullfrog Power Inc.

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CircuitMeter’s advanced submetering technology and big data energy analytics platform used by Bullfrog Power

CircuitMeter Inc. has just been endorsed by Bullfrog Power Inc. The company, whose vision is to be Canada’s source for smarter, greener energy solutions, uses CircuitMeter’s electrical meters and CircuitMonitoring™ big data energy analytics platform to break down their energy consumption to the circuit level at their corporate office in Toronto.

“Bullfrog Power is excited to work with CircuitMeter Inc. to monitor and track our energy usage. CircuitMeter’s technology enables us to accurately gauge our energy consumption. We all hear about the need to reduce energy consumption but we often lack the data to be able to make meaningful changes. CircuitMeter Inc. gave us the tools to find out where we were using the most energy. Our Sustainability Committee then provided staff with recommendations on ways to reduce consumption and through CircuitMeter’s useful online dashboard, we could share updates on our progress with the team. The experience was engaging and fun – and we all learned new, innovative ways to save energy at work and at home.”

— John Wilson, VP Operations