Energy Revealed – Empowering students to be Energy Efficiency Leaders

Making Energy Visible in Alberta Schools

Green Learning Canada and the Alberta Council for Environmental Education (ACEE) have joined forces to deliver programs with an aim to prepare students to be environmental stewards and potentially pursue a career building the low carbon economy.

Energy Revealed is an experiential learning program which leverages CircuitMeter’s advanced submetering and real time energy analytics technology to make energy visible in schools across Alberta. Students will have access to real time energy data through CircuitMeter’s CircuitMonitoring™ platform, which shows the participating school’s real time and historic use of electricity at the circuit level. Lesson plans are created to assist students in analyzing the data, understand where and when energy is being used, pinpoint waste and challenge them to suggest actions to lower energy consumption and achieve savings. With the new submetering systems making real time energy data available before and after these initiatives, students can measure and verify the impact of their actions.

CircuitMeter’s channel partner Greenplanet Energy Analytics was instrumental in the preliminary development of the exciting program and is currently responsible for the installation and configuration of CircuitMeter technology in participating Alberta schools. Not only will Energy Revealed help schools and the community reduce energy waste and lower their carbon footprint, the added benefit is the empowerment of students to become energy efficiency experts and future energy managers.

For additional information on the Energy Revealed program please visit Energy Revealed portal.