Greenbuild Special Report: The Evolution of Submetering

It’s all about turning amps and volts into data

CircuitMeter’s CEO Paul Mertes was recently interviewed at Greenbuild 2016 by Samantha Goldberg, Associate Editor of Commercial Property Executive. In this video, Paul Mertes discusses the advances in submetering and energy analytics technology and what sets CircuitMeter apart in the industry.

While submetering has been a common practice in the commercial real estate industry for many years, outdated technology has hindered some companies’ ability to truly understand and improve their energy usage. Traditional submetering entails measuring the total amount of energy use of a building, which is then summed up in a monthly bill for the property owner or manager, but modern technology is paving the way for owners to get a better sense of their actual energy use and how they can be more energy efficient.

CPE had a chance to sit down with Paul Mertes, president & CEO of Ontario-based CircuitMeter, at the 2016 Greenbuild Conference in Los Angeles to discuss how his company is transforming the way the real estate industry uses sub metering. “Modern submetering technology like CircuitMeter is all about by breaking down that once-a-month energy for the entire building into its very fundamental components so that the data can be used to find out where energy waste and losses occur,” Mertes told CPE.

The company’s hardware measures all of a building’s energy at the circuit level (hence the company’s name) in real time and uploads the data to it’s cloud-based software every two seconds. With this constant data, property owners can analyze their energy losses right on their computers and understand how they can reduce their energy usage and save money as a result.

“It’s all about turning amps and volts into data,” Mertes said.

The more specific data also allow companies to determine both inefficient energy use (meaning a system is not working properly) and unnecessary energy use (when building tenants are misusing appliances or energy-producing products), which helps the firms to make fixes where they can and educate tenants on how to be more energy efficient.

To find out more about how CircuitMeter is revolutionizing the submetering industry and how companies are benefiting from Circuitmeter’s technology, check out the video above or on the CPE YouTube channel.

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