Incentives for Customized Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)

Ontario Save on Energy program to assist business with implementation of a M&T system

Major utilities across the province have identified that, while it is important to complete energy retrofit projects to obtain efficiency savings, ongoing savings can only be achieved by implementing a comprehensive energy management system.

It has long been recognized that Information is power. A custom monitoring and targeting (M&T) system is essential for organizations with complex processes and equipment in order to obtain continuous and long term energy efficiency savings. An effective M&T system will provide the real time actionable data required to make informed decisions in areas that may have the greatest impact on increasing overall efficiencies. With real time circuit-level monitoring, a facility can pinpoint exactly where and when energy is being wasted and set targets for improving efficiency on a continuous basis.

Some of the typical M&T findings include process controls set incorrectly, controls not throttling, unnecessary equipment left on overnight, and improper cooling and heating. M&T doesn’t have to be complex and it is possible to start small and scale as needed. The more circuits monitored, the more opportunities to save.


The Funding Details

There are two funding streams under the Save On Energy Program to assist business in improving their energy efficiency by utilizing customized monitoring and targeting; the Retrofit Program and Process and Systems Program.

For smaller projects with projected annual savings of less than 100 MWh, a facility may be entitled to receive rebates, through the retrofit program, of $0.10/kWh (up to 50% of project costs) for savings achieved over twelve months. Eligible equipment upgrades include those that provide “sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and/or electricity consumption.” Some of the eligible measures include the implementation of an energy management system, purchase of metering equipment or related communications system required to enhance the effectiveness of an energy management or building automation system. Savings are verified by measuring electricity usage before and after implementation.

For projects with projected annual savings of over 100 MWh, the Save on Energy Process and Systems Program will contribute up to 80 per cent of the costs associated with creating and installing a M&T system, up to a maximum of $75,000. Eligible costs include commissioning, installation, software, metering components and employee training. On average, the expected annual savings of a M&T system is stated to be around 5-10% by IESO, but there is evidence in industry that higher gains are feasible with advanced metering technology.

Some of the requirements under the Process and Systems Program include:

  • Facility must have a resident energy manager;
  • Facility must demonstrate by the end of Y2, 0.2 MW in peak demand savings and 0.2 MW x Facility Load Factor x 8,760 hours in energy savings;
  • One year payback period for projects;
  • Annual reporting of opportunities implemented based on data provided through M&T system for a period of 5 years.

For either incentive stream, we recommend you contact your local utility to speak with an energy expert to help you find an M&T solution, determine your eligibility for incentives and start saving on energy.