NA Tapes to adopt state of the art Real Time Energy Monitoring

Real Time Electrical Data adds value to Microgrid Project

North American Tapes (NA Tapes), the largest manufacturer of hockey tapes used in the NHL (National Hockey League), will join the industrial park microgrid in Watertown, New York, which will be built, operated and owned by CircuitMeter channel partner Acadia Energy. According to Acadia Energy CEO, John Bay, and as reported in Microgrid Knowledge – November 23, 2018, it is expected that NA Tapes will see a drop in its energy bills by 10-15% compared to what it would pay its local utility. The move to the microgrid would allow for additional savings by engaging in peak-shaving. In addition, NA Tapes will be making use of granular real time energy data generated by the CircuitMeter systems to continuously monitor and manage its energy use for the duration of the 20 year energy services agreement with microgrid operator, Acadia Energy.

In order to enhance clean electricity generation, distribution and use in the Jefferson Country Corporate Park, Acadia Energy will implement CircuitMeter’s electrical submetering and big data Energy Analytics at NA Tapes to make real time energy use data for equipment throughout the manufacturing facility. The circuit level data will be used to determine operational inefficiencies and abnormalities and lead to more effective energy management at NA Tapes. Acadia Energy is partnering with CircuitMeter to provide real time energy monitoring on this first project, with the expectation that they will see significant growth in microgrid projects in the industrial sector in New York state.

This microgrid project started in 2015 when Acadia Energy and Jefferson County Economic Development Agency (EDA) were selected by NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) as NY Prize Microgrid winners for a microgrid project development grant. Acadia Energy and Jefferson County EDA identified aging utility grid distribution infrastructure as being costly to the industrial park businesses, including NA Tapes and the clean energy microgrid project was conceived as a cost effective solution for the industrial park. With an expected ‘on-line’ date of Fall 2019, the microgrid is expected to improve power quality, resilience and reliability of the grid while at the same time taking advantage of technological innovations to reduce costs and address socio economic challenges in the area.

For full article appearing in Microgrid Knowledge, please visit Hockey Tape Manufacturer Signs on to Microgrid in New York Industrial Park.