Welcome to the first edition of CIRCUITbrief, the PERIODIC news brief from CircuitMeter.

Redesigned Website!
We are proud to launch our newly redesigned website. The primary objectives of our site redevelopment focuses on the emergence of a new frontier in energy management by “Making Energy Visible” through our breakthrough circuit level, real time submetering and energy analytics technology. The new image_newsletter-homepageredesign presents a fresh new look, improved functionality, clear navigation, and, most importantly, emphasizes the value proposition that is now becoming available through Forensic Energy Management™ to meet the twin objectives of energy efficiency & operational reliability.

image_newletter-jpulse4Product Launch – JPulse-4
CircuitMeter launches the JPulse-4™, a uniquely designed pulse counter which is able to count pulses produced by any dry contact metering device. The pulses are detected by the WebMeter36F™, and tightly integrated with the CircuitMonitoring™ system which will automatically convert the pulse signals from measuring water, gas, steam, and even generate an event counter. The launch of this hardware is a great addition to our product line as it provides a measurement tool for all forms of energy that can be incorporated into CircuitMeter’s powerful real time energy analytics platform. For full product details and specifications, please visit our JPulse-4™ product page.


Common Area Reporting
CircuitMeter launches new detailed reporting that includes a method to properly allocate energy with shared area usage and shared equipment usage. With vital data in hand, energy managers can understand their energy usage, power factor and demand peaks, and develop cost-saving practices and solutions never possible when the data simply wasn’t “visible” for common areas. Submeter data can be used to track and allocate energy consumption costs and report on energy footprints for each common area element.


Media Articles
See our latest article, Power Quality Analysis: The Value Of Circuit Level Sub-Metering, published in Electrical Line Magazine. In this article, CircuitMeter’s VP Business Development, Jeff Kistner, explores the rising importance of power quality analysis and outlines where technology, such as CircuitMeter’s circuit-level sub-metering, has made the greatest advances. https://goo.gl/iksFmB

Useful Resource – Efficiency Matters
Newly published eMagazine by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance https://goo.gl/RH7jkQ. This inaugural edition contains a great article promoting energy efficiency as the new superhero in the fight to meet climate change goals in Canada as well as a brief province–by–province overview of the Canadian energy efficiency landscape.

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