Energy data is the new currency in fight against climate change.

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Useful Resource — CEM7 ISO 50001 Update A key tool for energy management — a crucial climate strategy — is the ISO 50001 international energy management system standard, which was highlighted in several CEM and other COP22 sessions. Established in 2011, ISO 50001 transforms the way organizations manage energy, offering companies a comprehensive approach to continually improve energy performance, sustainability, and their bottom line. In the context of the Paris Agreement, the standard — which was jointly developed by over 50 countries — has value both as a best practice model and as a global benchmark for climate and clean energy action.

Supporting Partner of Smart Energy Analytics Campaign We are proud to be a supporting partner of the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, and listed as an Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) service and product provider. The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a program led by the U.S. Department of Energy that supports and recognizes the use of a wide variety of commercially-available Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies and ongoing building monitoring practices to help uncover energy-saving opportunities and improve building performance for the long run.


DOE Better Buildings – Energy Data Top Two
What were the top two most viewed solutions in the U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Solution Centre for 2016?  #1 Energy data access, #2 Implementing energy management information systems (EMIS) in your building portfolio. CircuitMeter generates a full suite of energy data together with the analytical tools needed to truly understand and manage your systems and equipment – a cost effective solution that collects energy data from each and every load, across a complete portfolio of facilities. This valuable information is merged in a central server giving the user full access from any standard web-browser through CircuitMeter’s cloud-based, CircuitMonitoring™ software. Please contact us if you would like to see a demo of our CircuitMonitoring™ system.

Media Articles
See our latest article, Circuit Level Submeters plus Cloud-based Energy Analytics Software: Now We’re Talking Smart, published in Electricity Today. In this article, CircuitMeter’s VP Business Development, Jeff Kistner, describes the major advances that have been made in submeter technology. The article The ‘Gold’ is in the Details outlines the value of a system that can slice and dice detailed energy data across an entire portfolio or pinpoint electrical data at a single circuit thus defining a new level for the term “smart”.

Business Case Analyses available for download
CircuitMeter is promoting the documentation of a new level of energy efficiency management practice that it refers to as Forensic Energy Management. The use of circuit level metering, in real time, promises to enable an entirely new level of advanced energy management practices. The first set of case examples have been published to our website. They were prepared by the Pembina Institute based on the confidential experience of CircuitMeter clients and are broad in nature. Our intention is to further the body of evidence regarding energy cost savings and improved efficiencies leading to a reduction in greenhouse gases. To view and download the business case analyses, please visit our Business Case Analyses page (scroll down near the bottom of the page) and fill out the access form.

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