X-Ray vision

Wouldn’t it BE great for facilities to see exact energy use. 
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Equipment Check Up
Wouldn’t it be great for facilities to see the exact energy use and profile of each piece of equipment and identify problems as they occur? With the CircuitMonitoring™ platform, each item of equipment can be treated separately. With our software “time in operation” is automatically logged for each piece of equipment, helping users understand the number of hours that the power is on and the exact consumption per equipment ID. This historical data can be used to generate a notification that equipment usage has exceeded a recommended benchmark and is due for a maintenance procedure or check of some kind. This regulated process can lead to replacement and help avoid high energy costs or lost production due to component failure.

Board Announcement

CircuitMeter elects Chairman of the Board
President of Juno Advisors Ltd. Michael Bernstein elected as Chairman of the CircuitMeter Board of Directors. Mr. Bernstein joins other members of the board including Paul Mertes, Daniel Seto, Tom Rand, and Jamie Macintosh. With Michael’s extensive experience in utilities, infrastructure and finance, we welcome his perspective and leadership on the board as part of our ongoing efforts to heighten CircuitMeter’s profile as a disruptive clean technology company, and to expand our customer base and the growing team of channel partners that use our advanced submetering and energy analytics. For a full profile of Mr. Bernstein, our management team and other board members, please visit our About Us page.

Hardware Update

Introduction to JBox-4
The JBox, an essential component of CircuitMeter’s data collection hardware, captures energy information from approved current transformers (CT). The JBox provides a safe and convenient way to connect these CTs to the WebMeter36F™. The JBox-4 can support the same range of amperage as the JBox-8 with loads up to 6000A, and is ideal for large equipment, disconnects, and mains. The WebMeter36F™ can support any combination of JBox-4’s and JBox-8’s for a total of up to 36 circuits. The unique use of standard Cat5e cables allows for greater flexibility during the installation as the distance between the JBox and the WebMeter36F™ can be up to 100 feet apart. Both the JBox-4 and JBox-8 are UL, CSA and CE safety approved. Please click here to download the JBox-4 and JBox-8 Product Sheet.

Media Articles

Energy Dashboard for Business
See our latest blog Energy Dashboard for Business. In this blog, Kelly Reiser, VP-Sales North America, examines how CircuitMonitoring™ energy analytics software leverages Big Data to analyze and present energy usage on its dashboards in real time. The blog outlines how CircuitMeter’s platform goes well beyond the current technologies in-market. The CircuitMonitoring™ dashboard allows energy analysts and operations and maintenance personnel to access a vast array of graphic tools and virtually walk through a facility’s complete equipment infrastructure. Energy use on a monthly, weekly, daily and minute by minute basis is available in multiple formats for review. The blog goes further to explain how CircuitMeter delivers scalable energy analytics that can meet the needs of large organizations with multiple facilities all in a single user-friendly energy dashboard software platform.

Upcoming events

West Coast Energy Management Congress – Long Beach, CA, June 7-8
The West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC) is the largest energy conference and technology expo held on the U.S. West Coast specifically for business, industrial and institutional energy users. Top experts will meet in Long Beach to discuss best practices for an optimum path to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability. We will be exhibiting at the event showcasing our disruptively low cost energy monitoring and analytics platform. CircuitMeter CEO, Paul Mertes, and VP Business Development, Jeffrey Kistner, are looking forward to engaging with industry leaders from the commercial, industrial, public, and multifamily sectors across the United States to discuss the latest submetering and big data technologies for more effective energy management. If you would like to attend the event, please ask us for a complimentary expo pass.

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