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We have created MyDashboard which enables the user to have multiple customized dashboards and the ability to share them with specific users or user groups. This innovative new feature provides the user with complete control over the personalizing and sharing of dashboards, allowing for enhanced visibility of relevant energy data with greater collaboration within the entire organization.

The anticipated release of this application module is part of our ongoing development process. Our vision is to provide the best in class and most user-friendly energy analytics platform in the market today. If you can see it, you manage it. We are eagerly awaiting the release of MyDashboard but for now, here’s a sneak peek.

  • Personalized dashboard – Each user to have the ability to create a customized or personalized dashboard
  • Multiple dashboards – Users can create multiple dashboards (eg. one showing historical trends and the other real-time operational views)
  • Default view – A default view can be easily set for either user created or shared dashboards
  • Shared dashboards – Easily share your personal dashboards with User Groups and Individual Users
  • Simple to create – A simple click to create a new dashboard from an existing personal or shared dashboard
  • Pre-set dashboards – Allows the Administrator to establish pre-set dashboards to provide a corporate standard starting point for all new users


Powerful, enterprise level analytics with increased visibility — using real time data as a tool to demonstrate energy conservation which can promote accountability across an entire organization. This type of visibility is being requested in the form of “lobby monitors” with increasing frequency. To meet this demand, we have created CircuitMeter’s EnergyWindow™,  a public information dashboard that can display CircuitMeter information for a specific building, or for an entire organization.

New Channel Partners

Welcome to our newest channel partners
We are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Channel Partner network and have joined forces with the following energy management service companies to grow the market for real time energy analytics.

Kontrol Energy Corp. – Southern Ontario based Kontrol Energy Corp. provides IoT enabled energy efficiency and power generation solutions designed to immediately lower energy consumption and reduce peak charges, reduce overall operating costs and increase property value for our customers while providing actionable IRRs (Internal Rate of Return) and reductions in GHG’s.

Atash Energy, LLC – With over 40+ years of combined experience managing smart buildings, Atash Energy Consultants, based in New Jersey, is adept at applying communication technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to effectively control and optimize all elements within a building to use energy more efficiently.

Energy Information Solutions Agency (Energy ISA) – North Carolina based Energy ISA provides IT solutions and consulting related to energy management and efficiency technologies; encompassing metering communication technologies, controls, data management and analytics.

Daisy Energy Inc. is an Ontario-based provider of sustainable energy solutions for individuals, institutions, and businesses. Products and services include renewable energy systems, energy efficient lighting, and energy sub-metering. Since 2009 the team of professionals at Daisy Energy has been designing and installing renewable energy systems and LED lighting for homes, cottages, businesses and institutions and ensuring that clients get full advantage of available funding to maximize their ROI.

For a full listing of all of our valued channel partners and leaders in energy efficiency, please view our Channel Partners page.

Funding News

Save on Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T)
A custom monitoring and targeting (M&T) system can provide a great value to organizations with complex processes and equipment looking to obtain continuous and long term energy efficiency savings. An effective M&T system using real time actionable data will enable informed decision-making in key areas leading to the greatest impact on increased overall efficiencies. With real time circuit-level monitoring, a facility can pinpoint exactly where and when energy is being wasted and set targets for improving efficiency in both the short and long term.

It is with these goals of reducing waste and improving efficiencies that the Ontario government, through the Save on Energy program, is offering business incentives for the implementation of a customized M&T system.

There are two funding streams under the program to assist business in improving their energy efficiency by utilizing customized M&T; the Retrofit Program and Process and Systems Program.

In a nutshell, a facility may be entitled to receive rebates, through the retrofit program, of $0.10/kWh (up to 50% of project costs) for savings achieved over twelve months for projects with projected annual savings of less than 100 MWh. Eligible equipment upgrades include those that provide “sustainable, measurable and verifiable reductions in peak electricity demand and/or electricity consumption.”

The Save on Energy Process and Systems Program will contribute up to 80 per cent of the costs associated with creating and installing a M&T system, up to a maximum of $75,000, for projects with projected annual savings of over 100 MWh.

Read our blog to learn more about these and other incentive programs.

Special Mention

We’re in the news…
In case you missed it, CircuitMeter is featured as a climate leader in Ontario by the Ministry of Economic Development and Climate Change (MOECC). The video produced by MOECC is part of the Leadership #ONclimate series which focuses on leaders making a difference to fight climate change throughout the province.Click to watch the #ONclimate video (57 seconds).

Media Articles

Advanced Sub-Metering Digs Deep
In our latest article published in Canadian Facility Management and Design (REMI Network), Paul Mertes, CircuitMeter President & CEO, explains the fundamental value of circuit level submetering – the ability to dig deep throughout an entire building or facility’s internal systems and equipment and to identify waste and inefficiencies, right down to the individual circuit and aggregate data for an entire portfolio.

EE Term of the Month

Deep Energy Retrofits

Deep energy retrofits integrate a wide array of energy reduction strategies through a whole building approach in order to attain a series of incremental energy savings compared to conventional retrofits. According to the International Energy Agency’s Annex 61, a deep energy retrofit is defined as “a major building renovation project in which site energy use intensity (including plug loads) has been reduced by at least 50% from the pre-renovation baseline with a corresponding improvement in indoor environmental quality and comfort”. Deep energy retrofits deliver sustained energy and cost savings by analyzing the history, current energy footprint, and future of a facility to facilitate effective energy management and a continuous identification of energy waste.

Read our blog or watch our Technology Overview Videocast to learn more about our Forensic Energy Management platform to identify, benchmark and validate systems which should be prioritized for a deep energy retrofit.

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