CircuitMeter’s WebMeter48™

The WebMeter48™ expands CircuitMeter’s family of metering hardware while broadening the applicability of our breakthrough energy management & submetering solutions across industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential sectors. The meter accommodates any combination of single, poly and three phase equipment up to 48 current transformers or pulse inputs to capture granular electrical and non-electrical energy information.

With an even lower cost per circuit than the industry leading WebMeter36F, and even easier and lower cost installation, the WebMeter48™ is designed to expand CircuitMeter’s reach into new markets and provide greater flexibility and installation options in the wide variety of facilities encountered across various sectors.

We are thrilled to be launching two versions of the WebMeter48™
the S-Series and the E-Series

The WebMeter48 S-Series is an electrical meter designed for embedded installations inside switchboards, distribution centers, MCCs, or any other approved enclosure and is designed to measure all electrical energy metrics. The WebMeter48 E-Series is a stand-alone energy meter which comes with a complete enclosure for mounting adjacent to an electrical box and is designed to measure all electrical energy metrics and pulse signals (from CircuitMeter’s JPulse-4™) for water, gas, steam, and BTUs.

The WebMeter48™ meters are safety approved with UL, CSA, and CE certification and in process to achieve the ANSI C12.20 accuracy ratings required for the revenue sub-billing market. Completion of this milestone is scheduled for early in 2018, after which the WebMeter48™ revenue meter will meet requirements for revenue sub-billing applications in most U.S. states. Additional approvals required in New York, California, and Canada will be pursued following ANSI certification.

Stay tuned for lift off. Technical and commercial information available January 8th, 2018!

Channel Partners

Welcome to our newest channel partner
We are very pleased to announce that we are expanding in the United Kingdom. Energise Ltd. is now the newest member of our Channel Partner network, bringing its established client base exposure and access to our real time energy analytics:

Energise Ltd. is a UK based energy efficiency & carbon compliance service provider, specialising in energy management & carbon schemes (including in the UK, CRC, ESOS and ISO 50001). Energise Ltd. works with an international client base with day to day projects covering a dozen countries. Typical clients range from a small business to multinational companies in a variety of industries from restaurants to manufacturing to large transport fleets.

Energise selected the CircuitMeter platform after an extensive search of submetering and energy analytics technologies, confirming again CircuitMeter’s lead in this market. Energise develops solutions for their clients which allow them to gain insight into their energy use at a more detailed level to support their energy management and/or compliance needs. Good data can allow clients to make evidence based decisions and drive energy management forward.

For a full listing of all of our valued channel partners and leaders in energy efficiency, please check CircuitMeter’s Channel Partners page of our website.


Smart Energy DecisionsStrategic Energy Management
California utilities are poised to roll out funding for an industrial energy efficiency program in 2018 to incentivize industry to double energy efficiency by 2030 through the use of Strategic Energy Management (SEM) practices.

At the core of SEM is the integration of energy management into existing business practices that feature continuous improvement and efficiency of operations. One of the main characteristics of SEM is the use of energy data analytics to normalize energy use, accounting for factors such as weather and changes in production. Breakthrough technologies such as CircuitMeter’s low cost submetering and real time cloud based energy analytics platform represent a new frontier in SEM. Advanced low-cost submeters cane used as an energy data-gathering tool for all electrical systems within a facility. The energy data can be analyzed in real time allowing for greater visibility and understanding of the energy use of an entire facility, and at the individual piece of equipment or circuit, leading to reduced consumption and efficiencies never before possible.

To learn more about the industrial energy efficiency incentives available, please follow our blog.

EE Term of the Month

Detailed Demand Analysis
According to BC Hydro, the demand charge on your utility bill is “related to the maximum amount of power you need during a billing period, measured in kilowatts. Energy is power multiplied by time, commonly measured in kilowatt-hours”. Demand charges vary by utility and jurisdiction but all customers pay a demand charge. For most facilities, considering ways to reduce peak load where possible can make a significant difference.

Detailed demand analysis with CircuitMeter’s real time energy analytics software platform can assist facilities in identifying exactly where and when demand peaks are occurring which leads to better informed decisions on peak shifting strategies.

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