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facility’s energy consumption

EnergyWindow™ provides a way to present CircuitMeter’s CircuitMonitoring™ energy dashboard platform via a “lobby-friendly” television display that shows key energy metrics. The software provides an option to view real time data and historical trends in report mode, but also features the ability to operate as a public information portal, including  displays of your entire organization’s energy data or selected elements on publicly located display monitors. This ‘TV mode’ display function is in growing demand as a way to publicly display accountability regarding conservation goals.

Key features of EnergyWindow

  1. Main View (Widget Mode); Summary view showing real-time data with comparisons by date range for the Enterprise, Equipment, Energy Hogs and Carbon Footprint
  2. Report Mode; Detailed view for each section with both live and trending data
  3. TV Mode; Run from URL link with custom programming on a continuous loop designed for a broad audience including detailing your facility’s weather, live clock, live Twitter feeds, custom messages, and custom video messages via YouTube URL link

MAIN VIEW (Widget Mode)



Reach out to learn more about this and other exciting new features of the CircuitMonitoring™ system. For a quick tutorial of the EnergyWindow™, please check out our brief video.

Channel Partner News

Welcome to Our Newest Channel Partners

We are pleased to announce that CircuitMeter is continuing to expand its Channel Partner network throughout the United States, and welcome New York based Acadia Energy Corporation to our team.

Acadia Energy Corporation is an energy integration and development company, providing comprehensive energy management and customized microgrid energy solutions. The company designs, develops, and operates distributed energy resources; and designs and deploys renewable and non-renewable energy resources to assist its clients in managing both the supply and demand of energy. We look forward to working together with Acadia to bring Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) solutions to Acadia’s clients.

We are also thrilled to announce that we continue to expand in the United Kingdom. Inprova Energy is now the newest member of our Channel Partner network, bringing its established client base exposure and access to our real time energy analytics:

Inprova Energy are experts in the procurement and management over £1bn of energy on behalf of their UK clients. Their experienced engineers provide proven solutions for proficient energy management across all sectors to reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve cash efficiency and their clients’ bottom line.

For a full listing of all of our valued channel partners and leaders in energy efficiency, please click on the Channel Partners page of our website.

Selected by Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM)

Recently awarded Kontrol Energy Corp to be a contracted supplier of Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems (RTEM) in Ontario public sector in a 3-5 year contract.

CircuitMeter Inc. through its channel partner, Kontrol Energy Corp.,  has been selected by Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) to be one of 4 contracted suppliers of Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems to over 500 Ontario-based client organizations including school boards, colleges, universities and broader public sector agencies ( OECM provides public sector facility managers with the ability to more easily contract with pre-screened suppliers of energy services and technology. Kontrol’s RTEM system offering, covering hardware, software and related energy management services, features the use of CircuitMeter technology, which provides major technical and cost advantages to its users, differentiating its offer from tradition suppliers in the industry.

For more information, please visit RTEM OECM Kontrol Press Release

Media Articles

Smart Prosperity Institute

CircuitMeter featured by Smart Prosperity Institute and prominent Canadian leaders as a Clean Innovation Success Story

Proud to be featured in the recently released report Clean Innovation: Why it Matters & How to Accelerate it Across the Canadian Economy as an example of an inspiring Canadian business this is building a stronger, cleaner economy. The clean innovation success story, Pinpointing Energy Waste In Buildings, highlights CircuitMeter’s use of circuit-level submetering and integrated real time energy analytics technology to pinpoint energy waste, cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial applications.

We invite you to read our blog to learn more about this initiative Smart Prosperity Institute Success Story.

Funding News

Greenhouse Gas Campus Retrofit Program to boost energy efficiency across ProvinceOntario Greenhouse Gas Retrofit Program
As part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development introduced funding to improve energy efficiency in the college and university sector. With proceeds generated by the cap and trade program, the Ontario Greenhouse Gas Retrofit Program will provide funding for publicly-assisted colleges and universities to implement energy efficiency measures on campus that reduce energy consumption and lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Included in the scope of this funding is the implementation of Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems (RTEM) which can be used to access real time circuit-level energy consumption data to pinpoint areas where energy is wasted, and create opportunities to increase efficiency and generate cost savings.

To learn more about the program please refer to our Campus Retrofit Blog.

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