Throughout the world, energy is being transformed from an unavoidable cost of doing business to an asset to be managed. Building owners and managers are taking control of costs in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings worldwide, empowered by tools and solutions that offer deep insight into the way energy is used in their buildings. Submeter technology and services are right at the heart of this transformation, providing real-time insight that can be translated almost immediately into reduced operating costs.

Advanced Energy Now – 2015 Market Report


An estimated 30% of the electrical energy consumed by commercial and industrial facilities is wasted – that’s more than $85 billion every year in the U.S. and Canada alone.

CircuitMeter’s real time submetering technology gives channel partners a powerful new tool to help their clients reduce those energy losses – creating value by increasing energy efficiency, and reducing cost and greenhouse gas emissions.


Empower your customers.
See detailed energy usage. Identify losses. Do something about it.

CircuitMeter’s Forensic Energy Management solution offers a major competitive advantage. Energy Retailers, ESCOs, Facility Management and Energy Management Firms are positioning themselves to grow or defend market share and position by offering a new level of energy management services. CircuitMeter has the tool to generate and analyze the data needed to compete.

Measure and manage energy at the portfolio and circuit level.

That’s the power that CircuitMeter’s integrated technology gives the Energy Manager.

With CircuitMeter, Channel Partners can create a compelling value proposition for customers, helping them gain visibility and context in terms of energy usage. For End Users, that means the ability to understand and manage energy usage, quantify real time operating performance, and identify sub-optimal performance, deterioration and waste, at the individual circuit level.

With CircuitMeter, Channel Partners can:

  • Provide clients with system/equipment specific energy consumption data in real time.
  • Link operating hours to energy consumption and production to quantify key performance indicators in energy terms.
  • Identify the point at which energy consumption exceeds benchmarks by custom-set thresholds, and generate real time maintenance recommendations.
  • Understand energy consumption at a single circuit or across multiple locations in a portfolio – with consolidate information integrated in a single cloud-based platform.

Channel Partners have access to a secure portal to the CircuitMonitoring™ administration system, enabling the management of clients’ accounts and providing access to commercial and technical support features and information.

CircuitMonitoring™ features include: custom communications for each client; customized screens that allow identification of the Channel Partner as the Energy Management Services supplier; unlimited users; and technical features such as total number of buildings or facilities, suites, production lines and equipment, and occupants/users/tenants.

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Giving you the power to improve your customer’s energy efficiency.

CircuitMeter’s integrated technology includes hardware, communications and software.

Measures all electrical parameters at the circuit level – at a fraction of the cost of traditional meters.

Sends circuit-level data every two seconds to secure, cloud-based storage.

Analyze real time and historical data with high speed proprietary enterprise software.