Ajax Adopts Real Time Energy Management Platform

CircuitMeter Technology Helps to Reduce Operating Costs and Environmental Impact

Photo: Elexicon Group at the Ajax McLean Community Centre

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Whitby, ON – March 11, 2020 – The Town of Ajax has implemented technology and systems at its McLean Community Centre to track energy use in real-time, becoming one of the first municipalities in Canada to link the CircuitMeter Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) platform with its operations. The platform turns routine energy consumption into circuit level data that helps drive energy efficiency and sustainability.

Supplied and installed by Elexicon Group, the CircuitMeter RTEM platform continuously tracks energy activity on every monitored circuit, right down to individual pieces of equipment. The technology will provide the Town with insight into where energy is being used and, more importantly, where it’s being wasted.

Precise information on how energy is working at the McLean Community Centre, supported by “Internet of things” (IoT) technology and energy analytics, allows the Town to identify energy inefficiencies, reduce operating costs and lower environmental impacts

“With a vision to become a sustainable community by 2055, the Town of Ajax is proud to partner with Elexicon Group to implement real-time energy management in our municipal buildings,” said Mayor Shaun Collier. “With the latest tools, we can make data-backed energy management decisions in real-time, thereby reducing the municipality’s energy consumption, operating costs and carbon footprint, and inspiring Ajax residents to do the same.”

Over time, the municipality looks forward to expanding real-time circuit level reporting of energy use to other locations in its portfolio of buildings, supplying officials with accessible and reliable information about the energy being consumed in their facilities.

Increasingly aware of environmental issues, residents are asking their municipalities to use energy better. The insights generated by the RTEM platform allows for the creation of energy management strategies that enhance peak building performance, and provides accurate measurement and verification of progress on conservation goals implemented by the municipality.

With a mission to “imagine energy as opportunity,” Elexicon Group, a leading energy management company, found a partner in CircuitMeter. In 2019, Elexicon Group became the first utility-affiliated company to sign an agreement to bring advanced metering and real-time energy analytics through CircuitMeter’s RTEM platform to its municipal, commercial and industrial customers.

“Elexicon Group focuses on providing a wide range of energy solutions to our customers,” said President and CEO James Darrach. “With the Town of Ajax’s commitment to sustainability, CircuitMeter technology is a great fit, and will enable the municipality to make better informed decisions when reducing energy consumption, leveraging renewable energy to lower operating costs and taking control of operating expenses.”

“CircuitMeter is thrilled to see the Town of Ajax recognizing the value of the RTEM platform as an emerging best practice in energy management and adopting it in support of its commitment to a sustainable future. We congratulate Elexicon Group for championing advanced energy efficiency solutions that help their clients achieve their energy and sustainability goals,” said President and CEO Paul Mertes.

Elexicon Group provides complimentary audits and proposals upon request to managers of organizations seeking to understand their energy usage at a circuit level and reduce energy costs.

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