CircuitMeter Honoured as one of Canada’s 2016 Clean50 Awardees


CircuitMeter Recognized Nationally for its Commitment to Sustainability and Clean Capitalism

September 22, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – CircuitMeter Inc. (CircuitMeter) is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of one of Canada’s 2016 Clean50 awards that annually recognize national  leaders in sustainability. CircuitMeter’s Clean50 Award will be presented to Paul Mertes, CEO, Dan Seto, Chief Operating Officer and Michael Ordanis, Chief Technology Officer, at the Clean50 Summit in Toronto on September 23.

This award, which was created by Delta Management Group to encourage more Canadian companies to collectively focus on climate change, endorses CircuitMeter’s approach to energy conservation through reduced consumption, often referred to as the “fifth fuel”. CircuitMeter’s radically new metering and energy analytics technology, which can be installed at a fraction of the price of current metering systems, enables companies, governments and institutions to implement a sophisticated new level of electricity conservation and demand management. Users can measure electricity usage on a per circuit basis in real time whereas traditional meters are limited to measuring facility usage and have delayed reporting and limited data collection abilities. CircuitMeter’s technology enables users to understand how energy is being used, take steps to reduce its consumption and ultimately to reduce their energy costs. This process, which the CircuitMeter refers to as “Forensic Energy ManagementTM”, includes cloud based enterprise software and Big Data technology to provide real time and historic energy consumption data, detailed demand information, precision maintenance insights and green house gas emission reporting.

“We are very proud to be honoured as one of the recipients of the Canada’s Clean50 awards. CircuitMeter is contributing to global energy conservation efforts by enabling the measurement and reduction of energy consumption. It has been estimated that tens of billions of dollars are wasted each year in North America on unnecessary energy usage” stated Paul Mertes, President & CEO, CircuitMeter. “Through our leading edge energy management technology, CircuitMeter is contributing to a greener planet and better economic conditions through improved business balance sheets”.

The 2016 Clean50 honourees have been selected from 16 diverse categories that include numerous industries, academia, different levels of government, thought leaders and advocates. The awards are based on accomplishments delivered over the prior two years.  CircuitMeter is being honored as a member of the Clean Tech category. All 2015 Clean50 honourees will be similarly recognized on the Clean50 website as well as at the Clean50 Summit.  Additional information about the award is available at

About CircuitMeter

CircuitMeter builds and markets advanced electrical energy metering systems and associated Big Data, cloud based software designed to analyze real time, detailed energy usage data and to enable energy users to better manage their energy consumption and reduce their costs.  CircuitMeter’s low cost WebMeterTM permits facility managers to capture data related to energy usage from every circuit in an electrical panel within the building. CircuitMonitoringTM operates as a cloud-interface providing building operators with a circuit-by-circuit view of their electrical usage and trends, as well as notifications of anomalies. CircuitMeter essentially offers a “Big Data” solution designed for the energy sector. The combination of WebMeterTM and CircuitMonitoringTM provides historical and real-time detailed analysis through the use of visual dashboards and reports. Facility managers have the ability to receive their energy information from an enterprise level right down to a specific circuit within a building. Additional information is available at

About Delta Management Group

Delta Management Group is a twenty-three year old boutique search firm with the leading practice in “green collar”/“green professionals” search in Canada, including clean tech, corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals. Formed in 1992, Delta has an established track record of building exceptional teams, and working closely with management and stakeholders on a long-term basis as a trusted advisor and true business partner. The Company’s unique value proposition is in its ability to dramatically reduce the number of interviews required to find and land the best available candidate. Based at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, Delta’s team fills executive, executive-director and a variety of individual contributor roles across Canada for a wide variety of major corporations, charities, NGOs and NFPs. Additional Information is available at


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