WebMeter48 – The Most Powerful and Economic Submetering Hardware in the Market

CircuitMeter launches revolutionary submeter able to measure 48 circuits with single unit

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the WebMeter48™, the next generation of affordable intelligent metering for your energy network. Based on a 48 circuit design, the WebMeter48™ greatly increases the capacity of a single meter allowing for data capture from a wider variety of electrical panels commonly found in the field.

The WebMeter48E-Series is a fully enclosed (UL Listed) meter suitable for mounting adjacent to an electrical box. It is designed to measure electrical energy, while also accepting pulse signals through the CircuitMeter JPulse-4™ from appropriately equipped third party meters (e.g. water, gas, steam, BTU). The WebMeter48S-Series is a UL Registered electrical meter designed for installations inside switchboards, distribution centers, MCCs, or other approved UL Listed enclosures.

The WebMeter48series is designed to meter and transmit real time energy data to CircuitMeter’s cloud-based CircuitMonitoring energy analytics software and can supply data to third party software via API. The meters include a list of features including; 15 minute historical data storage for 60 days; high performance CPU and data sampling at over 7 kHz; rechargeable battery to maintain clock function; enhanced communication security protocols; and single unit design to simplify installation.

“With a significant drop in cost per circuit over our low cost, industry leading WebMeter36, as well as a simplified and lower cost installation inherent in the design, the WebMeter48™ is dramatically lower in price than existing meters in the market, and promises to revolutionize the submetering and associated energy information management industries,” stated Paul Mertes, President and CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.

For a full list of features and specifications, please visit the products page of our website.