Cat 5e
Molded Patch Cable

Cat5e molded patch cables are designed to connect various forms of networking hardware. These are standard (non-plenum rated) Cat5e patch cables that work with the VoltageSensor, JBox-8, JBox-4, WebMeter36F, WebMeter48E and WebMeter48S. These Cat5e cables have a molded, snag-free boot around each connector and a bandwidth of 350 Mhz.


Cat 5e Molded Patch Cables

  • Industry standard patch cable.
  • Connects VoltageSensor, JBox-8 and JBox-4 to, WebMeter36F, WebMeter48E, WebMeter48S and the Internet.

Pre-set Configuration

  • Colour: Blue
  • Connectors: 2 x RJ45 Male
  • Cable: 4-pair 24 AWG UTP 350 Mhz Cat 5 Enhanced Stranded Copper
  • Wired: 568B


Standard Lengths Available

  • CAT5E-02BL – 2 foot
  • CAT5E-10BL – 10 foot
  • CAT5E-25BL – 25 foot
  • CAT5E-50BL – 50 foot
  • CAT5E-100BL – 100 foot