The CircuitMonitoring™ system leverages a Big Data model. We handle thousands of circuits reporting from WebMeters that aggregate the energy data in real-time. In addition to having the ability to store and retrieve large amounts of data with virtually instant response times that support very fast what-if analyses, our solution also incorporates a portal for resellers and customers, an application program interface (“API”) for system to system data connectivity, and naturally, the ability to scale as WebMeters are added.

CircuitMonitoring™ Reseller Portal
Customers have access to a comprehensive dashboard through which users can easily review, analyze, create notifications and export the energy information gathered by the WebMeters. As a reseller, you will be provided a higher level of access within the system enabling you to add and manage your own customers. The CircuitMonitoring™ system automatically takes care of emailing your customer with the information to get started. As you begin managing many customers, you can easily switch from one customer account to another. At a glance, you will see a summary of your customers, total number of buildings, facilities, suites, production lines and equipment, and users (tenants).

Reseller Portal:

  • Online system to manage your customers
  • Access to knowledgebase for installation, guides, and resources
  • Online ecommerce system for equipment ordering

CircuitMonitoring™ Provides an API
For those that have their own dashboards or have a need to automatically rollup the data into their system, connectivity to the CircuitMonitoring™ system can be achieved through an API. The API is based on a REST implementation. Upon access through a secured authentication process, any level of detail can be “Requested” where the “Response” is returned in a standard JSON representation. The ability to filter the data to meet your needs, just like what you would see in the real-time and historical analytics, can be completely automated.

CircuitMonitoring™ API:

  • Based on Representational state transfer (REST) architecture
  • Full security access with authentication token
  • POST requests with JSON response for data representation
  • The response data response is the same as CircuitMonitoring™ pivot table
  • Request for both real-time and historical data

Cloud Computing:

  • Enterprise-wide portfolio management
  • Eliminate continual software purchases
  • Leverage infrastructure without the costs (cap-ex free)
  • Single point of access for all your customers or facilities
  • Increase collaboration with employees enabling them access to the data from anywhere
  • Centralized security
  • Better for the environment
  • Improve market competitiveness

CircuitMonitoring™ is truly Big Data
The CircuitMonitoring™ system delivers scalable analytics, using proprietary techniques that combine processing, management and analytics for large amounts of data that is cost effective and reliable. You will be amazed at the speed in which you can data-mine the information and how the data is aggregated. The use of Big Data is becoming a crucial way for leading companies to outperform their competition. Forward-thinking leaders are aggressively leveraging Big Data within their organization.

Big Data:

  • Big Data can unlock significant value by making information transparent
  • Allows organisations access the transactional data for decision making