Pulse Monitoring

CircuitMeter’s JPulse-4™ is a uniquely designed pulse counter which is able to count pulses produced by any metering device that supports a standard dry contact output. The pulses are detected by the WebMeter48E™, which sends the pulse information to the CircuitMonitoring™ system in real-time. The JPulse-4™ is designed with both RJ45 and wired outputs and is tightly integrated with the CircuitMonitoring™ system which will automatically convert the pulse signals from measuring water, gas, steam, and even generate an event counter.

Monitoring Capabilities

Upon configuration, the CircuitMonitoring™ system will remotely reconfigure the port on the WebMeter48E™ to switch to reading pulses (rather than current). This allows for total flexibility within the overall design of the CircuitMeter solution where the WebMeter48E™ is able to sense voltage, current and pulses.

The CircuitMonitoring™ system will generate reports and analytics for:

  • Water
  • Steam
  • Gas
  • Event Counter
  • BTU
  • Plus, any custom measurement(s) from dry contact pulse readings

Mechanical & Dimensions

Weight: 640 g (1.41 lbs)
Size: 12.192 cm / 4.80 in (W)
12.192 cm / 4.80 in (H)
5.080 cm / 2.00 in (H)


Operating Temp: 40C to +400C
Storage Temp: -170C to +800C
Humidity Range: 10 to 90%
Enclosure: Metal

The JPulse-4™, which detects industry standard dry contact pulses, utilizes a 3 wire connection (common, loop, and pulse) with the option for 2 wires. The various voltage levels are presented as outputs via the built-in RJ45 jack as wired outputs (connected directly to the WebMeter48E™) for pulse detection and interpretation of each pulse is calculated within the CircuitMonitoring™ system. The JPulse-4™ is enclosed in a metal box.


Safety Standards

  • UL 61010-1
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1
  • E113521
  • CE

Flexible Architecture


Type: 3 Wire Dry Contact
(Common, Loop & Pulse)
Isolation 2500 VAC (High Pot)
Power 6V AC Adapter (Inc.)
Contact Current 10 mA (Maximum)
Pulse Width 100 ms (Minimum)
Update Rate 10 seconds (to Host)
Pulse Generators 1 to 4 monitored
3 Wire Cable 1000 feet (Maximum)


  • Active cable break detection
  • Active AC power loss detection
  • Very low pulse current required


  • WebMeter48E™
  • JPulse-4™
  • CircuitMonitoring™