• Capture energy information for up to 36 circuits.
  • Built-in CPU for integrated computing intelligence and real-time derivative data generation.
  • Built-in internet communications with LED to guide installation connection.
  • Quick connections for voltage and current wires.
  • Install WebMeter™ up to 100 feet from the electrical panel – even outside the electrical room.


WebMeter36F™ — This meter gathers real-time energy data and monitors up to 36 electrical circuits. It is accurate, affordable and easy to install. Easily configurable to accommodate single, dual, and three phase equipment. Using the voltage and current data collected, standard energy information is calculated and sent to the cloud based CircuitMonitoring™ system, where any authorized user can view the detailed energy data, graphic visualizations and energy analytics using historical and real-time data.

Add a Voltage Sensor, JBoxes and Current Transformers for a complete installation.

Key Specifications

Power Supply 6VDC, 700mA (includes a 2000mA 110 VAC wall adapter)
Accuracy 2% of reading at 25ºC
PF>=0.5 for most parameters
Sample Rate 2750 sps / element
Data Update Rate 1 update every 10 seconds to CircuitMeter Monitoring Service
Measurement Type True RMS


Voltage Elements 1 – 3 phase isolated from mains by VoltageSensor™
RJ45 connectors
CAT5 cable (T-568B) up to 2M (6 ft)
50 / 60 Hz
Current Elements up to 36 CTs isolated from breaker panel by JBox
RJ45 connectors
CAT5 cables(T568B) up to 30M(100 ft) with configuration
Automatic polarity correction at installation
Compatible with CircuitMeter current transformers CT040, CT100, CT200
SP040, SP100, SP200, SP400, SP600, SP800, SP1200, SP1500, SP2000, SP4000, SP6000


Ethernet Port 10/100 Mbps
Diagnostic LED

Mechanical & Dimensions

Weight 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs)
Size 31.75 cm / 12.5 in (L)
10.16 cm / 4.0 in (W)
5.08 cm / 2.0 in (H)


Operating Temp 0° to 70°C
Storage Temp -17° to 80°C
Humidity Range <95% RH (non-condensing)
Enclosure Metal

Measured Data Points that are accessed by CircuitMonitoring™

Data Points 334 per Update
Device Data Points Internal Temperature

Data Points per Voltage Element (x3)

VoltsA Avg / interval
VoltsB Avg / interval
VoltsC Avg / interval

Data Points per Current Element (x36)

Amps Avg / interval
AmpsMax / interval
Real Power (Bi-directional)
Apparent Power
Reactive Power (Bi-directional)
Power Factor (Bi-directional)
Import Energy – Watt Hours¹
Export Energy – Watt Hours¹

¹Aggregated to KWh by CircuitMeter Monitoring service