WebMeter48™ E-Series

The WebMeter48E™ is the next generation of affordable intelligent metering for your energy network. The fully enclosed meter is designed to accept voltage and amperage data from single, poly or three phase circuits. Pulse data from third party meters e.g. water, gas, steam, BTU, can be connected using the CircuitMeter JPulse-4™.

The WebMeter48E™ accommodates any combination of up to 48 current transformers or pulse inputs to capture granular electrical and non-electrical information. Sampling at over 13KHz (electrical), the WebMeter48E™ delivers accuracy at the circuit-level and reports the information every 3-seconds to the CircuitMonitoring™ system providing a full spectrum of real time data.

The WebMeter48E™ is a complete energy management metering solution allowing for widespread granular metering for industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-residential installations. At a dramatically lower cost per circuit with easy installation, the WebMeter48E™ is designed for economic deployment across a portfolio of facilities while metering at the individual circuit and equipment level.

Monitoring Capabilities

WebMeter48™ Series

  • E-Series: UL Listed energy meter
  • S-Series: UL Registered energy meter

WebMeter48E™ Attributes

  • Standalone energy meter with complete enclosure for mounting adjacent to electrical box
  • Meets all UL61010 standards (UL, CSA, CE)
  • Installed as a UL Listed product
  • Can measure up to 600VAC
  • Can accommodate any combination of single, poly and three phase loads
  • Supports up to 48 inputs of any combination of current transformers and/or pulse inputs via the JPulse-4™ supplied by CircuitMeter
  • Supports current transformers up to 6000A supplied by CircuitMeter
  • All features supported by the CircuitMonitoring™ system
  • One year memory @ 15 min intervals
  • Rechargeable battery maintains clock for 24 hours
  • Voltage reference (true RMS readings)
  • Supports global AC mains voltages 120V, 208V, 240V, 380-415V, 480V, 600V

Easy Installation

  • Compact one piece installation
  • Four (4) mounting screws
  • Pre-punched knockouts on three sides allows for universal mounting

Connecting to the Internet

  • Industry standard RJ45 jack
  • Standard pinout (T586B)
  • UDP protocol
  • Cloud software configuration

Supported AC Power Systems

  • 3 phase 4 wire 208 Wye/120 V 50-60Hz (3 Lines + neutral)
  • 3 phase 4 wire 380 Wye/230 V 50-60Hz (3 Lines + neutral)
  • 3 phase 4 wire 415 Wye/240 V 50-60Hz (3 Lines + neutral)
  • 3 phase 4 wire 480 Wye/277 V 50-60Hz (3 Lines + neutral)
  • 3 phase 4 wire 600 Wye/347 V 60 Hz (3 Lines + neutral)
  • 3 phase 3 wire delta 208/240/380/415/480/600 V no neutral 50-60Hz
  • 1 phase 3 wire 120/240 V (a.k.a. split phase) with neutral 50-60Hz

All configurations 50 – 60Hz (except where noted)


Safety Standards

  • UL 61010-1
  • UL 61010-2-030
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1:2012
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-2-030-12
  • CE
  • Hi-pot test: 5.4 KV (5 seconds) 3.6 KV (60 seconds)


  • ANSI C12.20 0.5 Accuracy Class

WebMeter48™ E-Series

  • WebMeter48-240E (Canada, USA)
  • WebMeter48-400E (Europe)
  • WebMeter48-480E (USA, Europe)
  • WebMeter48-600E (Canada, USA)

Mechanical & Dimensions

Weight: 640 g (1.41 lbs)
Size: 40.94 cm / 16.00 in (L)
23.16 cm / 9.00 in (W)
11.27 cm / 4.50 in (D)
Mounting Holes: 35.66 x 17.88 cm
(14.04 x 7.04 in)


Operating Temp: +40C to +400C
Storage Temp: -300C to +700C
Humidity Range: 10 to 90%


Frequency: 50/60 Hz (60 Hz for 600V)
Sampling Rate: 13,000 Cycles/sec
Voltage Reference: 120V to 600V
Elements (max): 48 current transformers and/or Pulse Inputs supports any combination of 1/2/3 phase and pulse
Type: mA self shorting
Available: 40A – 6000A
Connector Type: Spring Clips (certified)
Current transformers from CircuitMeter
Solid Core
CT040, CT100, CT200
Split Core
SP040, SP100, SP200, SP400, SP600, SP800, SP1500, SP2000, SP3000, SP6000


Internet Connection: Cat5e (T586B)
Protocol: UDP
Display: 2-Line Backlit LCD