Give your equipment its own energy metering system.

  • Review electrical energy consumption reporting for any equipment of special interest.
  • Measure precise electricity consumption in electric vehicle charging stations, manufacturing machinery, energy storage, cleantech generation and water/utility management.

The industrial world continues to increase its focus on energy efficiency. At the same time, the energy supply moves towards clean generated electricity. That means there’s an increased incentive to meter every piece of equipment that uses electricity.

This means a need to have real time energy metering to assure operators how much energy is being drawn, what the carbon impact is and when to maintain equipment. Take electric vehicle recharging stations as an example.

As these stations appear, organizations will want to cost effectively measure the energy used in each charge, and also be able to forecast when the equipment is available for the next user.

With CircuitMeter, any piece or set of equipment can be specifically metered and have the data pooled with like data in a cloud-based database, and be available at any time for analytical or billing/accounting purposes.