CircutMeter’s technology makes your energy visible:

Energy management solutions…

  • Identify systems running unnecessarily and protect against re-occurrence.
  • Provide feedback to employees to minimize electrical equipment “hours on”
  • Benchmark power use for all equipment
  • Receive notifications when power exceeds pre-set thresholds

CircuitMeter’s energy management solutions make energy use visible, and opens the door to identifying where energy is wasted. Wasted energy can come from systems being powered up when not required, or from operating inefficiently. By identifying where and when this waste is occurring, management can take steps to eliminate or minimize – saving energy and cost, all while improving operational efficiency.

Unnecessary use can come from errors in control system settings that are generally the result of changes being made by personnel without full knowledge of a how the original controls strategy and systems were programmed. Fans running too many hours per week, cooling systems working in the winter, heating systems working in the summer – all reflect situations that occur in most major facilities where most equipment and systems operate through control systems and a limited staff that is charged with keeping the systems and facilities operating effectively. If the errors aren’t obvious, they generally don’t get caught.

With CircuitMeter, Energy Analysts and Operations & Maintenance Personnel can use the vast array of graphic tools included in the CircuitMonitoring™ Software to access an array of graphic tools to virtually “walk through” a complex facility’s complete equipment infrastructure. With this information, staff can review energy being expended on a monthly, weekly, daily or minute by minute basis.

Unnecessary use also comes from the lack of detailed care on the part of the people that occupy a building or facility – staff that are responsible for powering on or off everything from lights to copiers to heavy manufacturing equipment. Changing the way occupants use energy can lead to major energy savings across the full spectrum of building and facility types – and the keys to modifying behavior include motivation, culture, and information.

With CircuitMeter, personnel see graphic and numerical summaries of the energy they use and have direct influence over. Information can be broken down to sections of a floor, or an individual production line, on a per shift basis. Over time, a culture can be developed in which energy targets become a part of a group’s performance objectives – and people truly care about waste. What you can measure, you can manage.

Inefficient use can have a number of different causes:

  • Equipment that experiences wear and tear can see an increase in power consumption as motors draw more current i.e. wearing bearings.
  • Equipment that isn’t properly sized or isn’t properly designed in conjunction with the nature of the overall electrical system can experience low Power Factor.
  • Equipment with components that fail often go undetected because the observable operations continue. Energy efficiency can be compromised, but higher energy consumption can continue for long periods of time.

With CircuitMeter, customers can set benchmarks for every circuit. Custom threshold values can be input to trigger real time email notification alerts. With this level of precise feedback, customers can feel confident that equipment is working efficiently. If energy use spikes, the incident is captured in real time and an alert is generated.

CircuitMeter’s energy management solutions provide real time data that can be used to interface with existing control systems, BAS systems, new Energy Dashboard Systems and new granular control devices through its API. With granular data feeding into the information and control systems, an entire new level of precision and energy efficiency is possible.