Lower the cost of operations, energy, and maintenance.

  • Identify and analyze problems as they occur with continuous monitoring of power use and electrical characteristics.
  • Effectively target just-in-time maintenance and avoid unscheduled shutdowns or the costs of over-maintenance.

With circuit level, real time data, each item of equipment can be treated separately —  as an asset and as a consumer of energy. Users can then input or calculate an energy benchmark, allowing for real time alerts when an acceptable  parameter is exceeded. This alert can signal a need for maintenance or replacement, saving costs due to high energy use or lost production.

With CircuitMeter, “time in operation” is automatically logged for each piece of equipment, helping customers understand the number of hours that the power is on. The power and amperage benchmarks can identify exactly when to take action — reducing the potential for over maintenance (due to automatic scheduling) or under maintenance (leading to expensive disruptions).

Continuously monitoring the exact energy consumption of each piece of equipment and system is the next frontier in industrial engineering – and CircuitMeter meets the need.