CircuitMeter’s hardware connects at the circuit level for real time, continuous metering

  • Current sampling at 13,000 Hz, voltage sampling at over 200,000 Hz for 48 ports/meter.
  • Simple to install WebMeters, VoltageSensors™, JPulse™ & CTs.
  • Meters up to 600VAC, 6000A Amp, 1/2/3 phase & all power variables.

Continuous communications from WebMeter to internet automates data collection.

  • Communicates data/circuit every two seconds.
  • Hardware features LEDs to guide installation.
  • Optional cellular connection available when no standard internet is available.

CircuitMonitoring™ not only displays data – it provides powerful analytics so you can understand data.

  • Monitor in real time.
  • Receive historical analysis by time (day, hour, month), geography, equipment type, building, section and floor.
  • Sort and identify “best-to-worst” in each category.
  • Data available in over 50,000 analytical methods – summaries, averages, standard deviations, minimum/maximum, etc.
  • Data is usable in CSV format.
  • API allows users to access CircuitMonitoring data within the systems already in use internally.