Providing awareness and insight into your facility’s energy consumption

EnergyWindow™ provides a way to present CircuitMeter’s CircuitMonitoring™ energy dashboard platform via a “lobby-friendly” television display that shows key energy metrics.

The software provides an option to view real time data and historical trends in report mode, but also features the ability to operate as a public information portal, including displays of your entire organization’s energy data or selected elements on publicly located display monitors. This ‘TV mode’ display function is in growing demand as a way to publicly display accountability regarding conservation goals.

When your energy use becomes visible,
it becomes manageable.

A brief video explanation of key display widgets





Key features of EnergyWindow

Main View (Widget Mode); Summary view showing real-time data with comparisons by date range for the Enterprise, Equipment, Energy Hogs and Carbon Footprint.

Report Mode; Detailed view for each section with both live and trending data.

TV Mode; Run from URL link with custom programming on a continuous loop designed for a broad audience including detailing your facility’s weather, live clock, live Twitter feeds, custom messages, and custom video messages via YouTube URL link.