A complete submetering and integrated energy analytics platforms opens the door to Forensic Energy Management.

Facility Energy Management is about managing all systems and equipment, 24 hours a day. Getting the best results is about having the proper data, and the right analysis tools.

CircuitMeter generates a full suite of energy data together with the analytical tools needed to truly understand and manage your systems and equipment. CircuitMeter provides a cost effective solution that collects energy data from each and every load, across your complete portfolio of facilities. This valuable information is seamlessly merged in a safe server location where you can enjoy full access from any standard web-browser through CircuitMeter’s cloud-based, CircuitMonitoring™ software.

With CircuitMeter, it is economically feasible to meter every circuit at any level of granularity in your electrical distribution system. Current transformers (CTs) can be installed at the Motor Control System (MCC) or at the panel level, with up to 48 circuits per single WebMeter™, and the flexibility to meter up to 600VAC, 6000A, and 1, 2, or 3 phase circuits, all on the same meter.

The electrical information is sent via the internet every two seconds to CircuitMeter servers, where it is available to the End Users and/or their Energy Management Contractors on a continuous basis using any standard web-browser, and CircuitMeter’s CircuitMonitoring™ software. Internet communication is carried out using proprietary methods that do not require opening of inbound ports in the host firewall, with the option to use through cellular technology where standard internet connectivity is not available.

Data is accessed through the proprietary CircuitMonitoring™ software via any standard web browser. A vast array of graphic presentation options is available to create custom dashboards and facilitate energy audits and analyses. Data can also be pulled into third party dashboard, BAS systems, and custom control modules through CircuitMeter’s API.