Lights. Compressors. Pumps. Manufacturing equipment.

Your facility’s electricity load comprises complex systems and equipment run by people and control systems that cannot be checked or easily audited.

Some of that equipment is operating inefficiently, using more power than necessary. Some shouldn’t be operating at all. Everything from air conditioners mistakenly running during winter months to equipment with worn bearings drawing too much current.

You have no cost effective way to identify where energy losses occur or quantify the cost – until now.


  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Hotels/Hospitality Industry


  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Industrial process
  • Maintenance facilities


  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Hospitals, Health Services
  • Municipal Service Facilities


  • Apartment/Condominium common areas

“CircuitMeter gave us the tools to find out where we were using the most energy. Our Sustainability Committee then provided staff with recommendations on ways to reduce consumption… we all learned new, innovative ways to save energy.”

— John Wilson, VP Operations, Bullfrog Power

Measure your energy use in detail,
identify the waste –

and do something about it.

CircuitMeter introduces integrated circuit-level hardware, communication, software and energy analytics.

Measures all electrical parameters at the circuit level — at a fraction of the cost of traditional meters.

Sends circuit-level data every two seconds to secure, cloud-based storage.

Analyze real time and historical data with high speed proprietary, enterprise software.