CircuitMeter’s technology makes your energy visible:

  • Identify systems running unnecessarily and protect against re-occurrence.
  • Provide regular feedback to employees and drive behavioral programs.
  • Benchmark power use for all equipment.
  • Receive notifications when power exceeds pre-set thresholds.
  • Prevent “drift” in building performance by maintaining systems at energy benchmarks.
  • Avoid the cost of periodic energy audits that only cover a percentage of your facility.

Detailed Demand Analysis.

  • Access real time energy demand data at machine and system level.
  • Pinpoint makeup of peak demand.
  • Target reductions to save on demand charges.
  • Reduce disruption and costs associated with slowdown or shutdown.

Precision Maintenance.

  • Identify and analyze problems as they occur with continuous monitoring of power use and electrical characteristics.
  • Effectively target just-in-time maintenance; avoid unscheduled shutdowns or the costs of over-maintenance.

Advanced Energy Metering Applications.

  • Review energy consumption reporting for any equipment using electricity
  • Measure precise electricity consumption in electric vehicle charging stations, manufacturing machinery, energy storage, cleantech generation and water/utility management.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting.

  • Convert energy data to CO2e production data.
  • Quantify Greenhouse Gases for reduction analysis.