CircutMeter technology keeps your energy visible 7/24.

Continuous Energy Audits…

  • Identify systems running unnecessarily when they occur and correct them.
  • Provide regular feedback to employees and drive behavioral programs.
  • Prevent “drift” in building performance by maintaining systems at energy benchmarks.
  • Avoid the cost of periodic energy audits that only cover a percentage of your facility.

Energy audits are generally performed by outside service companies with temporary meters to measure a sample of an overall facility’s energy use. This snapshot of energy use is incomplete and generates an inaccurate impression of energy use. In turn, this information is used to populate energy use models. The models are then used to provide guidance to energy, operations, and maintenance professionals. Finally, professionals use a combination of scheduled maintenance, capital budgeting, and periodic inspection techniques to keep a facility and its equipment operating as efficiently and reliably as possible.

This is the current state of the industry — and it is inefficient and to a degree, ineffective. Even buildings that go through a re-commissioning exercise are documented to experience “energy drift” within 18 months.

With CircuitMeter, a building or facility can go through an initial exercise to identify all waste — before drawing on real time metering, benchmark, and notification features to provide management with a “Continuous Energy Audit” function. With real time data, users can eliminate the costs of the periodic audit at the same time that benefits are generated from increased efficiency and reliability.