CircuitMeter providing LOVE Energy’s customers real time access to their energy use at a granular level

LOVE Energy to Adopt CircuitMeter as its Submetering Platform

On the one year anniversary of the launch of LOVE Energy Solutions, a division of LOVE Energy Savings (Winner of TELCA Super Consultancy of the Year in 2017), The Bolton News reported on the company’s success over the first year and its future vision and direction. Included in LOVE Energy’s strategic plans for 2019 is the implementation of advanced technology products that will enable their customers to access real time energy data at a granular level.

LOVE Energy Solutions Director of Corporate, Adrian Cieslake, discussed the company’s adoption of CircuitMeter’s state of the art submetering and real time energy monitoring platform for its customers in the coming year. It was revealed the company will install 500 CircuitMeter systems across the UK in order to enable their energy-intensive clients to pinpoint exactly where and when energy is being wasted. By providing this granular real time energy information, LOVE Energy Solutions will transform the way its clients manage their energy and lead to greater efficiencies, a reduction of waste and energy spend.

CircuitMeter is thrilled to see the adoption and validation of its granular real time energy monitoring technology to reduce energy waste and improve energy efficiency for commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. The momentum is building for energy management leaders to implement groundbreaking electrical energy submetering hardware, integrated with Big Data cloud based energy monitoring enterprise software, to assist their clients minimize their risk and exposure to market factors and monitor and track progress to achieve their carbon reduction goals.