CircuitMeter Channel Partner selected as Real-Time Energy Monitoring (RTEM) Systems supplier to Ontario Public Sector

Kontrol Energy wins contract with OECM to be a strategic supplier of RTEM systems to Ontario Education and Broader Public Sector in a 3-5 year deal based on CircuitMeter technology


January 4, 2018 (Toronto, ON) – CircuitMeter Inc. today announced that Kontrol Energy Corp., a CircuitMeter Channel Partner, has been selected by OECM (Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace) to be a contracted supplier of Real Time Energy Monitoring Systems to its client organizations in a 3-5 year contract.

Responding to a request for proposal for RTEM systems by OECM in August 2017, Kontrol Energy Corp. submitted its proposal covering hardware, software and related energy management services and was recently selected as an approved Supplier Partner. Kontrol Energy’s RTEM system offering features the use of CircuitMeter technology, which provides major technical and cost advantages to its users, differentiates its offering from traditional suppliers in the industry, and was a key factor in its selection by OECM as one of four supplier partners in the province.

With RTEM Systems, facility managers can gain access to building energy consumption data at the circuit level in real time to pinpoint energy usage, identify areas where energy is wasted, and create opportunities to increase efficiency and generate cost savings. OECM is managing the process as a means to provide public sector facility managers with the ability to more easily contract with pre-screened suppliers of energy services and technology.

“We are excited at the prospect of working with Kontrol Energy Corp. to provide the most advanced and economic real time energy monitoring systems to multiple sectors in the province. The RTEM concepts in advanced energy management, using CircuitMeter technology, promises to move Ontario’s public sector facility managers into international best practices in terms of energy management, while saving on their annual operating budgets,” stated Paul Mertes, President and CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.

About CircuitMeter
CircuitMeter Inc., a privately held Canadian firm, has developed groundbreaking electrical energy submetering hardware, integrated with its Big Data and cloud based CircuitMonitoring™ enterprise software. The advanced energy analytics represents a major step forward in comparison with current practice. It is designed to analyze real time, circuit level energy usage for large organizations and portfolio managers to identify energy waste and help industrial, commercial and institutional facility owners reduce their energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint.

About Kontrol Energy Corp.
Kontrol Energy Corp. (CSE:KNR) is a leader in energy efficiency management solutions and technology. Through a disciplined mergers and acquisition strategy, combined with organic growth, Kontrol Energy Corp. provides leading edge Energy Management Services to the public and private sectors, and partners with CircuitMeter to exploit its breakthrough, real time, circuit level energy submetering and cloud-based energy analytics software to reduce energy use, operating costs, and greenhouse gas emissions for its clients.

About OECM
Launched in 2006, OECM provides collaborative sourcing and procurement services to over 500 public sector organizations in Ontario comprising school boards, colleges, universities and broader public sector agencies ( The not-for-profit organization contracts with innovative, reputable suppliers to offer a comprehensive choice of quality products and services, to generate significant savings for their customers.

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