CircuitMeter has been selected to install its real time, circuit level metering technology at the Pembina Institute head office in Calgary

CircuitMeter Submetering and Energy Analytics Technology Selected by the Pembina Institute.

Installation of CircuitMeter’s submetering technology in the Pembina Institute’s Calgary head office is part of the Institute’s mission to promote a clean energy future

March 1, 2016 (Toronto, ON), – CircuitMeter has been selected to install its real time, circuit level metering technology at the Pembina Institute head office in Calgary. Pembina Institute, a leading clean energy think tank, chose CircuitMeter to analyze and reduce energy consumption in its head office as part of its drive to encourage industry and commerce to reduce energy consumption. This initiative is in keeping with the Pembina Institute’s support for climate change legislation and carbon pricing, and is intended to highlight the growing focus on energy efficiency, conservation and demand management techniques that are coming to market.

Simple Solar, a Calgary-based company and a CircuitMeter channel partner, installed CircuitMeter’s technology at the Pembina Institute. Simple Solar develops patented solar energy systems and supports solar energy research, energy monitoring and analysis, low-energy building development and energy/environment training programs.

“We are delighted to have been selected by the Pembina Institute, long recognized as a prominent thought leader and advocate for a low carbon economy in Canada, as their electricity submetering technology of choice. We are of the view that our sophisticated energy submetering technology and big data analytics are on the leading edge of clean energy advancements globally. Acknowledgment from one of the foremost clean energy advocacy organizations in North America will help us build market recognition of “behind the meter” energy management as a growing area of opportunity in industrial and commercial markets and encourage companies to consider the opportunities to reduce costs and energy usage, as well as their greenhouse gas footprint,” stated Paul Mertes, President and CEO, CircuitMeter Inc.

“Selecting CircuitMeter’s submetering technology for our Calgary head office is part of the Institute’s mandate to promote energy efficiency and the low carbon economy,” stated Ed Whittingham, Executive Director, Pembina Institute. “In our report on clean energy in Canada that we released a couple of years ago (Competing in Clean Energy at, we summarized discussions the Pembina Institute had with business executives, entrepreneurs, investors and academics about what Canada needs to do to compete in the global race for clean energy and how Canada could better tap into this sector’s potential. The Pembina Institute remains committed to furthering clean energy initiatives throughout Canada and the rest of the world. We view CircuitMeter’s technology for our head office as an important part of our ongoing efforts to promote sustainability and the clean tech sector in Canada.”

About the Pembina Institute
The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank forum focused on energy. Founded in 1985, the Institute has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. The mission of the Pembina Institute is to advance clean energy solutions through innovative research, education consulting and advocacy. The Pembina Institute advocates policies that reduce the use of fossil fuels and supports the transition to cleaner energy sources. The Institute promotes renewable energy sources including wind and solar. The Pembina Institute supports energy efficiency policies and actions in communities and businesses and improved building efficiency. The Institute works on regional energy priorities and major national energy-related issues. In Alberta, the Institute advocates for an approach to energy development that respects science- based limits and protects air, land, water, species and communities. In British Columbia, the Institute supports the carbon tax and the province’s emerging clean energy economy. In Ontario, the Institute advocates for expanding rapid transit infrastructure and supporting urban and suburban development policies that reduce traffic congestion. At the national level, the Institute holds the federal government of Canada responsible for stronger climate action. Additional information is available at

About CircuitMeter
CircuitMeter builds and markets advanced electrical energy submetering systems and integrated Big Data, cloud based software designed to analyze real time, detailed energy usage and enable energy users to better manage their energy consumption and reduce their costs. CircuitMeter’s low cost WebMeterTM permits facility managers to capture data related to energy usage from every circuit in an electrical panel within the building. CircuitMonitoringTM operates as a cloud based energy management platform and dashboard, providing building operators with a circuit-by-circuit view of their electrical usage and trends, as well as notifications of trends and anomalies. The combination of WebMeterTM and CircuitMonitoringTM provides historical and real-time detailed analysis through the use of visual dashboards and reports. Facility managers have the ability to receive their energy information at an enterprise level, and at the individual circuit level within a facility. In September 2015, CircuitMeter Inc. was named as a recipient of one of Canada’s 2016 Clean50 awards that annually recognize national leaders in sustainability.

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